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SAP announces new collaborations in artificial intelligence at Sapphire events
SAP announces new collaborations in artificial intelligence at Sapphire events

SAP held the European leg of the traditional Sapphire event, which was held in Orlando on 4-5 June, in Barcelona on 11-13 June. In the events, SAP announced new competences offered through artificial intelligence as well as collaborations with leading companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence such as Google Cloud, Meta and NVIDIA to offer the best to its customers.

SAP, the global leader in the enterprise application software market, announced its innovations and collaborations on artificial intelligence at the traditional SAP Sapphire events held in Orlando on 4-5 June and Barcelona on 11-13 June this year. SAP announced that it added SAP Business AI (business process-oriented artificial intelligence) to its enterprise cloud portfolio that powers the world's most critical business processes. SAP also announced its partnerships with companies that push the boundaries of artificial intelligence and lit a new spark in the global business world in terms of insights and creativity.

SAP CEO Christian Klein said, "Business AI (business process-oriented artificial intelligence) innovations will change not only the way we work with SAP solutions, but also the way we work. The Business AI innovations we announced at Sapphire 2024 will redefine the way companies work. Our AI announcements build on our commitment to deliver revolutionary technologies that deliver real-world results, helping SAP customers unleash the agility and creativity they need to succeed in today's fast-moving business environment."

Business now means artificial intelligence

As SAP integrates Business AI into its enterprise solutions, it makes rich insights available to users, enabling them to achieve better results. Examples of these include AI-generated reports in SAP SuccessFactors, as well as forecasting capabilities in SAP Sales Cloud that predict the sales staff and product combinations that are most likely to increase sales, and reports that responsibly provide human resources managers with source information for compensation negotiations. SAP Business Technology Platform also adds broad language models from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Meta to its productive AI core. This capability in SAP AI Core makes it easier to create generative ,

AI use cases for SAP applications.

Joule, SAP's productive AI-powered digital assistant, is expanding across the company's solution portfolio. Joule was launched in SAP SuccessFactors last autumn and is now being integrated into SAP S/4HANA Cloud and other solutions, including SAP Build and SAP Integration Suite. Joule will be available in SAP Ariba and SAP Analytics Cloud by the end of the year.

In line with the growing importance of Business AI, SAP is doubling down on its commitment to the principles of fit-for-purpose, trusted and responsible AI that it pioneered. It is also adopting the 10 guiding principles of the UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, which aims to ensure that AI technologies are developed and used in a way that respects human rights, promotes justice and contributes to sustainable development.

Partnerships that scale innovation

SAP is collaborating with pioneering technology leaders to push the boundaries of what productive AI can do at the enterprise level. In addition to the recently expanded collaboration with AWS, partnerships with Google Cloud, Meta and NVIDIA enable SAP to harness the power of AI-ready technology to innovate quickly and deliver richer real-world outcomes.

Google Cloud

SAP and Google Cloud are expanding their partnership using Business AI to help organisations better predict and mitigate supply chain risks, minimise disruptions and maintain optimal inventory levels. The companies will integrate Joule and SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain with Google Cloud's AI assistant Gemini and the data foundation of Google Cloud Cortex Framework.


SAP will leverage the Meta Llama 3 big language model to create images from scratch in SAP SuccessFactors and scripts that deliver highly customised analytics applications in SAP Analytics Cloud. Meta's next-generation AI model excels in language nuances and contextual understanding, making it an ideal candidate for translating enterprise business requirements into tangible results.


SAP and NVIDIA Corporation are developing a cross-product partnership to incorporate the latest technologies into enterprise-ready business applications:

SAP is training Joule to act as an AI assistant for "RISE with SAP" applications, while NVIDIA's state-of-the-art AI models analyse SAP consulting assets to provide fit-for-purpose and precise answers to application-related questions.

SAP will deploy Joule in the ABAP Cloud to generate ABAP code for SAP developers, while NVIDIA's accelerated infrastructure will run, scale and manage SAP's generative AI model for ABAP code generation.

SAP incorporates productive AI into SAP Intelligent Product Recommendation, while NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs enable simulation of complex manufacturing products and configurations as industrial digital twins.

Cloud technology that empowers agility and sustainability

Succeeding at work in the age of artificial intelligence requires working in the cloud. SAP is making this transition easier than ever with initiatives that help customers find partners with the expertise needed for complex SAP S/4HANA Cloud transformations. Other cloud innovations at the Sapphire event include capabilities that help organisations worldwide measure, manage and execute their sustainability strategies. SAP Sustainability Control Tower and SAP Sustainability Footprint Management now monitor carbon footprints at scale and help businesses meet regulatory standards.

Dozens of successful projects took centre stage

At SAP Sapphire, held in Barcelona on 11-13 June, explanations were also made about the SAP projects of companies that prioritise investment in digital. In addition to Toto Wolff, Leader and CEO of Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team, Özlem Altınışık, Information Technologies Director of Martur Fompak International, which won the "Industry Leader" and "Sustainability Hero" categories within the scope of SAP Innovation Awards 2024, was among the speakers at the event. 

Twinings Ovaltine increased the resilience of its global operations

During the two-and-a-half-day event, SAP projects of companies that prioritise investment in digital were also announced. It was announced that Twinings Ovaltine, which produces drinks for healthy living, completed the first phase of its digital transformation journey with RISE with SAP. The project will increase the resilience and efficiency of Twinings Ovaltine's global operations, while meeting the evolving needs of its customer base and increasing employee productivity. Twinings Ovaltine, which moved seven different ERP platforms to the cloud, simultaneously addressed the issues related to data silos that affect collaboration and decision-making on a global scale. The world-renowned brand now has a platform to expand its product roadmap, be agile in the face of customer trends and behaviours, and streamline its operations for growth.

Team Liquid changes the 'game' with SAP

Team Liquid, a successful professional gaming organisation with over $43 million in prize money and 120 major games, is laying the foundations of the "e-sports centre of the future" with SAP Business Technology Platform. Founded in 2000, the company also uses its strong technological infrastructure to train its productive artificial intelligence model that simulates drafts in League of Legends. Gaining a significant competitive advantage with SAP Business AI, Team Liquid is able to optimise its complex decisions before each game and gain valuable insights to improve performance.

Rabobank focuses on artificial intelligence

One of the announcements made during the SAP Sapphire Barcelona event came from Rabobank. The bank is accelerating its digital transformation with SAP Business Technology Platform, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence-oriented automation and process improvement. Rabobank aims to automate manual tasks and use artificial intelligence to improve processes, thereby increasing efficiency, accuracy and cost savings. Having successfully implemented automation in areas such as invoice processing, the bank is now focusing on using AI for new and improved processes.

Roca Group will create new business opportunities with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

During SAP's event in Barcelona, another announcement came from Roca Group, with which SAP has been collaborating for many years. The global brand specialising in bathroom products has chosen RISE with SAP through SAP S/4HANA Cloud as part of its digital transformation strategy. This decision was made to integrate and standardise IT systems following several acquisitions. With this move, the company aims to increase efficiency and make informed, real-time data-driven business decisions. Roca Group, which relies on SAP for multiple applications, aims to improve customer experience and create new business opportunities thanks to SAP S/4HANA Cloud and other SAP cloud solutions. The company also plans to use SAP SuccessFactors to improve learning programmes, manage global payroll and develop an employee self-service portal.

Bonprix supports fashion trends with SAP

Bonprix, which has made a name for itself in online fashion retail, has become one of the best-selling online stores and ranked fourth among fashion-oriented e-commerce platforms in Germany. The international fashion company, known for transforming the latest catwalk trends into stylish fashion for every size, has completed SAP BW/4HANA and SAP Datasphere solutions. Offering a new collection every month, Bonprix modernised its SAP data and analytical solutions with SAP Datasphere and achieved a dynamic multi-cloud data structure. With 16 million active customers in 25 countries, Bonprix chose SAP for a simplified IT architecture, shorter time-to-market and a self-service enabled semantic layer to respond to changes in the market.

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