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Professional Coach: “Effective Time Management Enhances Quality of Life”
Professional Coach: “Effective Time Management Enhances Quality of Life”

The fast-paced work environment worries about the future, and interpersonal relationships can subject people to problems such as stress, anxiety, and burnout. Life coaches step into situations that do not require treatment, therapy, or formal education and can be resolved by tapping into one’s potential. Despite the potential of the coaching field, an internationally certified professional coach highlighted that there are still many misconceptions about this profession and its positive impact on individuals. 

TURKEY - Those who struggle with inadequacy or overwhelm amid economic fluctuations, work routines, and personal relationships turn to coaching support to objectively reorient themselves in different areas of their lives. The growing awareness that coaching can help individuals improve their personal and professional lives raises expectations for market growth. Data published by Future Market Insight reveals that the global coaching market closed at $2.3 million in 2023. Despite the potential of the coaching field, International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Coach Hande Koşalay, who highlighted that there are still many misconceptions about this profession, explained what is commonly wondered about coaching and its positive effects on individuals. 

Hande Koşalay, mentioning that individuals may experience a sense of being overwhelmed from time to time and may become inactive in asking themselves questions and setting goals, stated, “Individuals should not look for solutions far away. All problems begin in the mind and end with their resolution. Professional coaches help individuals assess the challenges in their lives from a different perspective, look at their lives as a whole, and make conscious choices about their futures. They support people in enhancing their abilities and capabilities.”

“Coaches progress through questions”

Professional Coach Hende Koşalay, who stated coaches create a development and transformative impact in people’s lives through the right questions without providing interpretations or guidance, said, “We can liken life coaching to sports coaching. Coaches also serve as a source of light for individuals as they strive for success on their path, helping them discover their potential. They provide a professional touch to bring out the individual’s potential.”

“Development-oriented coaching guides individuals towards their goals”

Coach Hande Koşalay, stating that alongside the hustle and bustle of social life, adapting to a busy workplace can also become a challenging struggle, said, “Individuals may sometimes feel trapped, thinking that there is so much to do but not enough hours in the day. Through development-oriented coaching, individuals can reach greater goals or use their existing capacity better. Inevitably, clients who effectively utilize their current capacity will also be productive in their lives.”

“Coaching is an accepted legal profession in Turkey as well”

ICF Professional Coach Hande Koşalay, emphasising that when coaching is mentioned, different approaches such as therapy, mentoring, treatment, or education may come ti mind, concluded her statement with the following:

“Coaching is legally recognized in Turkey and stands out as a profession that involves serious training. In this profession, the focus is more on the future than the past. Coaches help individuals identify their goals and the obstacles they face. Those who overcome the identified obstacles experience an improvement in their quality of life. In both work and personal life, individuals and organizations seeking clarity, determination, awareness, change or development about themselves can receive coaching services.”

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