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Tourism sector focused on artificial intelligence in 2024
Tourism sector focused on artificial intelligence in 2024

The tourism sector welcomed 2024 by putting artificial intelligence in the spotlight. Many businesses are improving their processes and customer experiences with AI applications while finding opportunities to allocate their resources wisely. Industry professionals emphasize the importance of artificial intelligence investments and highlight that success in a competitive environment hinges on AI. 

TURKEY - As the use of artificial intelligence technologies becomes more widespread in the business world, the tourism sector is also undergoing changes accordingly. Productive artificial intelligence is being harnessed as a concrete opportunity in the industry, utilized in various areas, from travel experiences to customer support applications. According to statistics provided by Statista, 30% of the travel and accommodation sector already benefits from AI technology. Moreover, 70% of travel consumers express interest in utilizing AI applications to enhance their experiences. Tourism and Hospitality Consultant Mehmet Ferman Doğan highlights the importance of tourism businesses leveraging the power of technology to stay competitive in the industry. He also points out that 77% of hotel guests worldwide consider a hotel's technological amenities as a significant criterion when making their choices.

“In this service-oriented sector for people, artificial intelligence is not a threat, but a blessing”

Tourism and Hospitality Consultant Mehmet Ferman Doğan stated, “Since the emergence of artificial intelligence applications, the biggest concern has been whether AI will take over our jobs. Specifically for the tourism sector, I want to emphasize that AI is not an enemy but a friend. Applications like chatbots, recommendation assistance, and smart search engines enhance customer satisfaction, leading to commercial benefits. Automatic payments, reservation assistance, rapid customer service, real-time monitoring, and control mechanisms also improve efficiency in the hotel business processes.” 

“Investment in artificial intelligence is essential to stay competitive”

Mehmet Ferman Doğan, sharing his comments on investments in artificial intelligence technologies, said, “Companies may view some expenses as investments rather than as expenses. However, investment in artificial intelligence should be separate from this. After investing in artificial intelligence in areas such as business processes and understanding guest expectations, it pays for itself quickly. At this point, everyone in a managerial position in the tourism industry is responsible. Those who cannot see the transformation and do not invest in this field will be left behind in the long run.”

“Companies have a great responsibility in training qualified personnel”

Tourism and Hospitality Consultant Mehmet Ferman Doğan, who emphasized that artificial intelligence can also be used to assess resources correctly, concluded his words: "Artificial intelligence in a relatively new field. Naturally, finding and retaining individuals in this field is quite challenging. Moreover, many companies do not know how to proceed. Therefore, it is also essential to cultivate employees knowledgeable about next-generation technologies who can take your company to the next level. Particularly, having competent IT and marketing teams in this field can lead to faster and more comfortable processes. Companies have significant responsibilities in this regard. Providing necessary employee training and creating an environment for self-improvement is critical.” 

About Mehmet Ferman Doğan: 

Ferman Doğan began his professional career in the tourism industry at prestigious chains such as Kempinski, Hilton, Marriot, and Hyatt Regency, where he worked at hotels in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia, and the Middle East. He held senior management and general manager positions during his tenure with these companies. 
During his career, Ferman Doğan was involved in numerous successful projects at the companies he worked for, and he also had tourism articles published in publications such as The Spirits Business London Magazine and Hotel by MFD website. He is the author of the book "Master of Food and Beverage”. He is an active member of the International Gastronomy Club "Chaîne des Rôtisseurs," founded in Paris in 1950, in Turkey.

After graduating from the Computer Engineering Department at the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom, Ferman Doğan completed his master's degree in business at the University of Birmingham in the UK with a scholarship. He is proficient in English and speaks Russian as well. In his free time, Doğan enjoys sports and poetry as hobbies

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