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TAM Fuarcılık Signs Agreement with Prominent Figure in the Marketing World
TAM Fuarcılık Signs Agreement with Prominent Figure in the Marketing World

TAM Fuarcılık company signed a collaboration agreement with an experienced figure in the marketing world, Yıldırım Ünverdi, to oversee the marketing and event activities for its organized events in response to the increasing demand. 

Yıldırım Ünverdi, who has undertaken marketing and event responsibilities in various fair companies, provided consultancy and achieved successful projects, made statements about the upcoming World Sports Istanbul fair and the new agreement with TAM Fuarcılık. 

Yıldırım Ünverdi stated, “I joined the TAM Fuarcılık family about 3 months before the fair due to the intensity of my work, and I was able to assist. I want to thank Ahment  Sucaklı, the Chairman of TAM Fuarcılık, and the Founding Partners Murat Paksuz and Tolga Yeniçeri for trusting me in such a short amount of time and for creating such a family atmosphere. We have captured a very positive energy. In the agreement we made with TAM Fuarcılık’s executives, we are now together from start to finish in marketing and event organization for not only the upcoming World Sports Istanbul but also for other upcoming fairs. Speaking specifically about the first World Sports Istanbul fair, we know what we need and have analyzed it. Our prescription is ready for a stronger World Sport Istanbul regarding participants and visitors. I don’t usually like to make bold statements, but I can say with an open heart that in the coming period, everyone will be talking about TAM Fuarcılık and, in the context of it, World Sports Istanbul.” 

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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