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TED University will train language teachers with artificial intelligence support in a project worth €250,000
TED University will train language teachers with artificial intelligence support in a project worth €250,000

In collaboration with International partners, Ankara-based university has secured a €250,000 grant for a project that will run for 2 years. This project will collect data from English language classes for at least 100 hours. The gathered findings will be prepared for analysis with the support of artificial intelligence and will be analyzed using the Speech Analysis research method. This will contribute to training language teachers with evidence-based information, not only in foreign languages but also in various other fields worldwide.

TURKEY - While various efforts are ongoing worldwide to train qualified educators in different fields, foreign language education is a priority. This is because, in foreign language education, language proficiency and mastery of different teaching methods play a critical role. In this context, TED University (TEDU) has taken the initiative to train English language teachers. With the partnership of Bartin University in Turkey, Linköping University in Sweden, Potsdam University in Germany, and the International University of Catalonia in Spain, the project secured a €250,000 grant from the Turkish National Agency. 

In the “Digital Transformation if Language Teacher Education with Data-Informed Evidence (DigiLTE)” project coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ufuk Balaman, a faculty member in the English Language Education Department of the Faculty of Education at TED University, will utilize stakeholders’ research and implementation competencies in classroom discourse and language teacher training. English language classrooms will be observed for at least 100 hours, and video recordings will be made. Over 2 years, artificial intelligence will automatically transcribe, filter, and prepare the collected data for analysis. This will contribute to undergraduate-level language teacher training processes with evidence-based and data-informed outputs.

They will support training language teachers with artificial intelligence

With the participation of institutions from different countries in TEDU's DigiLTE project, it will be possible to effectively combine various demographics and educational processes for a specific purpose. A video archive based on in-class interaction will be created in the first step. These findings will be examined using the Speech Analysis research method. Interactive catalogs with open access will be developed in digital environments. These catalogs will be presented to candidate educators in groups through video review and lesson planning meetings.

The project will support teacher training with data-driven evidence and scientific data for digital transformation. Additionally, a model will be created for the development processes in similar professions through the applied scenario. TED University's Faculty of Education will host the project's kickoff meeting in the coming months.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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