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TeacherX is in the UK Global Education Technologies Awards finals, “Alongside the Best in the World.”
TeacherX is in the UK Global Education Technologies Awards finals, “Alongside the Best in the World.”

TeacherX, a pioneer in educational technologies, has reached the finals of the world’s largest education fair, BETT Show, as the second place in Europe. TeacherX will be at the BETT Show Arena in the United Kingdom on January 25th alongside finalists from around the world. 

TURKEY - In 2020, Teacher X, which started as Turkey's most professional teacher training platform, is making Turkey proud at the world's largest education technology fair, the BETT (British Educational Training and Technology) Show in London. TeacherX, having reached the finals in second place in Europe at the Global Education Technology Awards, will be taking place at the BETT Arena on January 25th alongside finalists from different parts of the world.

Ergül: This prose belongs to all of us

Teacher X's founder, Dr. Işıl Boy Ergül, stated, "With our team of expert academics and educators from various fields, we offer all teachers the opportunity to receive education anytime and anywhere they want. The TeacherX platform has contributed to the professional development of more than 20,000 teachers from Turkey and worldwide in its first three years.

We are experiencing a proud period for our country with the new generation teacher training platform TeacherX, which focuses on lifelong learning for teachers, the most powerful actors in the education system, and is based on the principle of sustainable professional development. We have shown the world how important the investment in the professional development of our teachers is with the valuable educators and TeacherX schools. We will continue to announce it on the most prestigious platforms. This great pride belongs to all of us.”

BETT Show, represented by the TeacherX teacher training platform, aims to transform education and create a better future. It has been held annually in London since 1985, bringing together people, ideas, and practices that can transform education. The fair features booths from world-famous companies like Microsoft, Intel, Google, and hosts seminars, workshops, and panels in education and technology. 

“We want to turn TeacherX into an international product”

Dr. Işıl Boy Ergül, who aims to turn TeacherX into an international product by utilizing AI-based voice technology, stated, "Our primary goal was to popularize the system in Turkey and reach more teachers to support our social development. Thanks to our strong technical infrastructure, today, we can provide services to any country globally with our team of expert educators. We have also taken our first step in foreign countries with the company we established in the UK."

At ETZ this time, “Collective Intelligence” will be discussed

TeacherX’s founder Dr. Işıl Boy Ergül's pioneering education event in Turkey, the Educational Technologies Summit (ETZ), is once again preparing to bring together experts from all around the world in the field of educational technologies, thought leaders, industry pioneers, and thousands of teachers. The Educational Technologies Summit )ETZ) will be held for the 11th time this year on Saturday, March 2, 2024, with the theme of “Collective Intelligence” at the Radisson Blu Hotel  Şişli.

With the motto “Education is an ecosystem that creates value and meaning with all other systems,” the Educational Technologies Summit aims to be an inspiration for increasing teachers’ productivity and fostering their creativity. The summit provides an opportunity for sharing knowledge and experiences about innovative educational methods and the latest technological developments. This year’s summit participants will have an interactive learning experience with expert presentations, panels, and the most up-to-date workshops. 

Dr.  Işıl Boy Ergül, the Coordinator of ETZ, emphasized that ETZ provides an excellent platform to explore innovations and advancements in education and technology. She stated, "This year, by focusing on the theme of 'Collective Intelligence,' we offer the opportunity to experience new educational methods and technological developments. ETZ allows participants to think collectively and generate solutions for a future shaped by science and technology. We invite everyone to join us in this innovative and inspiring environment."

International Speakers

Among the prominent speakers at this year's summit are Professor Mutlu Çukurova, Learning and Artificial Intelligence Professor from University College London, and several distinguished individuals from Turkey, including Prof. Dr. Soner Yıldırım, Dr. Özgür Bolat, Dr. Kerem Dündar, Hülya Mutlu, Polat Doğru, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre Er, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gaye Defne Ceyhan, Dr. Burak Karabey, Elvan Tongal, İnanç Ayar, Uğur Mert, Dr. Zeynep Aydın, and Özlem Bilge. Additionally, leading figures in education technology from the United States, Finland, Estonia, and Kazakhstan will be speakers at the event.

A critical look at technological developments in education

As it does every year, this summit will bring together the worlds of education and technology. Registration for the Education Technologies Summit can be done at www.etz.com.tr, where participants will find inspiring content focused on productivity, creativity, and personal development. The summit's content will provide a platform to discuss sustainable goals and priorities in the context of “collective intelligence”, starting from the idea that education creates value and meaning with all other systems. It will be a program that sheds light on the roadmap of the digital world.


About Dr. Işıl Boy Ergül

She completed her undergraduate education in English Language Teaching at Istanbul University, her master's degree in Educational Technologies at the University of Manchester, and her doctoral education in Educational Technologies at Bahçeşehir University.

In 2006, she started working as a lecturer at Yıldız Technical University. Since 2012, she has trained teachers and worked as an Educational Technologies Trainer at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom as part of Pilgrims Teacher Training during the summer months. She has delivered educational technology training at nearly 40 schools and universities in Turkey and in various countries abroad, including the United Kingdom, Scotland, the Czech Republic, France, the United Arab Emirates, and Spain.

Işıl Boy Ergül also served as the Information Technology Advisor to the Rector of Yıldız Technical University between 2013 and 2014. In 2014, she took on the role of founding coordinator of the Education Technologies Summit.

The summit, which will be held for the 11th time on March 2, 2024, brings together expert speakers from domestic and international fields, hosting various panels and workshops. The summit aims to inform participants about new educational approaches and technological innovations, enabling them to experience various applications in these areas. It also serves as a source of inspiration for increasing productivity and enhancing creativity.

In 2015,  Dr. Işıl Boy Ergül was selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator, and in 2023, she founded TeacherX, Turkey's most professional teacher training platform. In 2023, she established CertifiX, a blockchain-based certificate management system for students. Dr. Ergül has been actively involved in various educational and technological initiatives, and she has spoken at events alongside notable figures such as Maye Musk, entrepreneur and author, who is also the mother of Elon Musk

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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