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“Advancements in leg lengthening surgeries generate interest among men”
“Advancements in leg lengthening surgeries generate interest among men”

In the global ranking based on the average height of men and women, China holds the 59th position out of 129 countries. Recent advancements in medicine and technology have contributed to the growing popularity of leg-lengthening surgeries in China, mirroring trends observed in other nations. Türkiye is increasingly recognized globally for its expertise in leg lengthening surgeries, offering the potential to add up to 10 cm in height. 

BEIJING — Türkiye is gaining international recognition in the field of orthopedic surgery, particularly in leg lengthening procedures, which have seen a surge in popularity among men. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozan Ali Erdal, an esteemed Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology specialist is at the forefront of this trend, offering cutting-edge treatments in Türkiye's flourishing medical landscape.

Dr. Erdal, who completed the orthopedics and traumatology qualification exams in Türkiye (TOTEK) in 2013 and in Europe (EBOT) in 2015, is renowned for his expertise in deformity correction, leg lengthening, and aesthetic lengthening surgeries. “We are witnessing a growing interest in leg lengthening procedures, not just for functional needs but also for aesthetic preferences,” says Dr. Erdal.

Lengthening is only applied selectively in adolescence to treat congenital conditions.

In his practice based in Istanbul, Türkiye, Dr. Erdal addresses various needs, from correcting leg length discrepancies to aesthetic lengthening. “While we often see adults seeking height enhancement, our approach is cautious regarding childhood cases. If the need for lengthening is not based on a genetic background, we generally do not intervene in childhood. However, for congenital conditions like skeletal dysplasia, lengthening procedures can be considered during adolescence,” he explains.

Regarding the treatment of unequal leg lengths, Dr. Erdal emphasizes tailored solutions based on individual requirements. “We employ various methods for treating unequal leg lengths. In cases where there’s a significant discrepancy, we opt for surgical lengthening of the shorter limb to achieve symmetry and functionality.”

Safe, effective solutions to enhance stature and improve quality of life. 

The study on body image satisfaction by Dr. David Frederick from Chapman University in Southern California highlights a substantial disparity in height satisfaction among men, sparking interest in surgeries that can offer up to 10 cm of height increase. This demand is reflected in Dr. Erdal's practice. “Our patients are looking for safe, effective solutions to enhance their stature and improve their quality of life,” he adds.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erdal's extensive qualifications and innovative approach have made him a sought-after specialist beyond Türkiye’s borders. His patients, local and international, commend the personalized care and the high level of expertise they receive. “Our goal is to ensure that each patient not only achieves their desired physical enhancement but also experiences a supportive and smooth recovery process,” he asserts.

Türkiye’s medical sector, particularly in orthopedic surgery, continues to make significant strides, drawing patients from around the globe for its advanced techniques and renowned specialists like Dr. Erdal.

For more information about Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozan Ali Erdal and his orthopedic services, please visit https://ozanalierdal.com/en/

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