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Expert Explanation: “Hair transplantation procedures now take less time with innovative technology.”
Expert Explanation: “Hair transplantation procedures now take less time with innovative technology.”

Reasons such as genetic factors, stressful life, and irregular nutrition can cause hair loss, regardless of whether men or women. Dermatology Specialist Dr. warns about hair transplantation procedures just a few days before 2024. Mustafa Tümtürk gave information about the most preferred applications.

TURKEY - According to data from the global research platform Medihair, over 80% of men and over 25% of women complain of hair loss. Those who are both physically and psychologically disturbed by their hair loss are considering hair transplant options. Turkey, which has risen to the top globally in hair transplantation, with nearly 700 hair transplant clinics, welcomes health tourists from all over the world seeking hair transplantation. Dermatologist Dr Mustafa Tümtürk emphasized that aesthetic appearance greatly affects people's daily lives and explained the frequently asked questions about the most preferred hair transplantation techniques, Safir FUE and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). He warned individuals seeking a hair transplant to choose the right clinic and cautioned against underground initiatives.

Dr . Mustafa Tümtürk, who pointed out that hair loss can have many causes such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, genetic factors, and hormonal changes, said, "In the innovative Safir FUE method, which is used in hair transplantation, the transplant process takes into account the hair structure and growth direction. This way, a natural appearance can be achieved after hair transplantation.

“No scars are left in the area where hair follicles are extracted.”

According to Dermatologist Dr. Mustafa Tümtürk, the most preferred hair transplantation techniques today, depending on the patient's preference, are Safir FUE, DHI, and stem cell hair transplantation. He stated, "Individuals complaining of hair loss first undergo a health screening to determine if there is any underlying health issue causing hair loss. If health problems are detected, treatment is applied initially. If hair loss continues after treatment, a hair transplantation surgery is performed on the patient. Our innovative Safir FUE hair transplantation technique uses a micromotor. This ensures no scars are left where the hair follicles are extracted after the procedure. As the name suggests, in the Safir FUE technique, we open the channels in the recipient area not with steel tips but with real sapphire gemstone. We also ensure the patient has a painless treatment process through local anaesthesia before the operation. To prevent damage to the harvested hair follicles, they are kept in a special solution until transplantation. After the transplantation, the area is bandaged, and the patient is discharged.-

“With technology, the recovery time after hair transplantation has been shortened, allowing individuals to return to their daily lives quicker”

Dr.  Mustafa Tümtürk, explaining the hair transplantation operation using the DHI method, outlined the process: "The DHI method, also known as shave-less hair transplantation, consists of several steps. The harvested hair follicles are placed in the recipient area at the correct angle using a fine, sharp pen called CHOI. The DHI method is preferred due to its minimal impact on healthy tissues, especially by patients who want to undergo a hair transplantation operation without shaving their hair and wish to return to their daily lives as soon as possible. It receives a lot of demand for these reasons."

“Hair transplantation should be performed in trusted centres by expert hands”

Dermatologist Dr. Mustafa Tümtürk, emphasizing that hair transplantation is a serious operation, concluded his words: "Various complications can arise during hair transplantation. Therefore, experts in trusted centres must perform the hair transplantation operation. Patients should check the license issued by the Ministry of Health for the clinic where they plan to have the hair transplantation before undergoing the procedure. Patients should not hesitate to inquire about these documents when choosing a clinic

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