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Global health initiative combines traditional medicine with technology
Global health initiative combines traditional medicine with technology

Difficult living conditions negatively affect the health of many people and lead them to seek new solutions. The global health company, which combines traditional medicine with technology and offers information on how individuals can optimize their mental and physical performance, creates a personalised biochemistry map with hair analysis. Thus, it enables early precautions to be taken while finding the root cause of diseases.

Increasingly difficult living conditions affect both people's mental and physical health. 62% of the participants in the survey conducted by global public opinion research company Ipsos report that their daily lives are disrupted due to stress. However, 78% think that their mental health is at least as important as their physical health, while 71% emphasise that they prioritise their physical health. The fact that 80% of the world's population thinks traditional medicine is important for health also supports the picture emerging from the research. The World Health Organisation is also working to bring scientific validation to traditional medicine to unlock the potential of these solutions and integrate them into countries' health systems. Stating that 40% of the health products used today are derived from natural substances dating back to ancient healing methods, the global health company ResetYourself offers information on which individuals can optimize their mental and physical performance by combining traditional medicine with technology.

Kadir Yücelbaş, the CEO of ResetYourself, stated, "With the widespread adoption of digitalisation, many people lead a high-paced life, allocating less time for themselves within this intensity. As a natural consequence, various problems related to mental and physical health have become inevitable or increased. With our approach that acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual, we not only solve health issues but also focus on finding their root causes. We ensure preventive measures against diseases, combining ancient healing methods with science and technology to unveil the unique biochemistry of each individual."

“We analyse how lifestyles affect the body”

Kadir Yücelbaş, who shared that they use the analysis of minerals and heavy metals in hair as a screening tool in their innovative approach, stated, "We help individuals understand how their diets and adopted lifestyles for vitality affect their bodies at the cellular level. We provide personalised information on how they can optimize their physical and mental performance." Speaking about hair analysis, he shared the following information:

“Hair analysis lets us decipher how the body metabolises minerals and toxic metals. Based on this, personalised testing stands out as a lifestyle solution combining nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being. This analytical laboratory test creates a blueprint of biochemistry based on a sample of hair. Offering a clear picture of individuals' bodies helps them optimize their physical and mental performances."

“We enable people to reach the best version of themselves”

ResetYourself CEO Kadir Yücelbaş said, “Being human means always developing and progressing. Our mission is to empower clients of all ages to create the best lifestyle for themselves. We operate in various parts of the world, such as Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Amsterdam, with our company growing steadily for 8 years. Now it's time for Türkiye, which has potential with its traditional and innovative health services. We continue our work to contribute to the country's health sector and people's development.”

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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