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Turkish businesswoman was chosen as one of the 50 most successful female accounting professionals in America
Turkish businesswoman was chosen as one of the 50 most successful female accounting professionals in America

Since 2018, the "Ignition | Top 50 Women in Accounting" list, honouring successful women in accounting, has announced its 2023 results. The list evaluated 940 candidates from across the United States and included a successful Turkish businesswoman.

A new addition has been made to the global successes of Turkish businesspeople. The winners of the Ignition | Women in Accounting Awards 2023 were announced, honouring the most successful 50 women professionals in the field of accounting, considered among the prestigious awards in the industry. Burcu Bree Manay, the Managing Partner and CEO of Manay CPA, which provides certified public accounting services in the United States, was recognized among the most successful 50 women in accounting out of 940 candidates evaluated on the list.

Sharing her thoughts on the award, Burcu Bree Manay said, "I am proud to be among the top 50 women in the prestigious Ignition 2023 awards. I congratulate all the women nominated and deemed worthy of this valuable award for their dedication and achievements."

940 candidates from 14 countries were evaluated

Ignition 2023, aimed at highlighting successful women in accounting and bookkeeping for the 6th consecutive year, evaluated approximately 940 women professionals from 14 countries based on their tangible contributions to the accounting field and their diversity, equality, and inclusivity efforts. Burcu Bree Manay, the Managing Partner and CEO of Manay CPA, was selected for the global list by a jury of previous years' winners from countries such as Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. She earned her place on the list due to her contributions to the development of the profession and her efforts for equal representation in the industry.

“We must promote equal representation in accounting”

Noting that Ignition is a very important award in terms of her role in the field of accounting, Burcu Bree Manay, a licensed, certified public accountant in the USA, said, “Each sector representative has responsibilities to eliminate the gender gap in the accounting sector and to give women equal representation. This award, to which female professionals from companies of all sizes and all areas of accounting are nominated, encourages all female entrepreneurs who plan to build a career in accounting. The inspiring stories, leadership, self-confidence and contributions of the women deemed worthy of this award support creating a more diverse and inclusive sector.”

Not getting enough awards in the USA

Burcu Manay, the Managing Partner and CEO of Manay CPA emphasised that their company, specialising in international taxation and providing services in the accounting consulting sector in the United States for over twenty years, was recognized for the third time as one of the "Top 25 SMEs of the Year" in early 2023. She also highlighted their inclusion among the top 70 businesses in the 2023 Most Successful SME Awards organised by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Manay expressed her thoughts, concluding:

“In the United States, we offer comprehensive support services in company formation, consulting, payroll, international taxation, transfer pricing, payroll, human resources accounting processes, and all post-company formation processes. As Manay CPA, with the dedicated efforts of our expert team and superior service quality, we have been part of nearly 5,000 success stories to date. We will continue to represent our country globally with industry awards and services in line with international standards."

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