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Online PR Service announced: Nearly 2 thousand historical artefacts were damaged in the earthquakes
Online PR Service announced: Nearly 2 thousand historical artefacts were damaged in the earthquakes

In celebration of UNESCO’s anniversary on November 16, dedicated to preserving the world’s cultural and natural heritage sites for future generations, B2Press shed light on Turkey’s historical and natural heritage sites. The Online PR Service B2Press noted that Turkey has 82 sites listed on the World Heritage List, and following their research also disclosed projects aimed at protecting these assets from natural disasters, particularly in the aftermath of the earthquake on February 6th. 

TURKEY On the Occasion of the 78th anniversary of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) on November 16, many countries brought to the agenda their efforts to transfer cultural and natural heritage to future generations. Online PR Service B2Press also shed light on the historical and natural heritage of Turkey, one of these countries, starting from the 78th anniversary of UNESCO, which began its activities on November 16, 1945, when 20 countries signed the founding agreement. 

There are 82 sites from Turkey on UNESCO's list

According to the research conducted by the Online PR Service B2Press, as of 2023, there are 1,199 sites listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, including those added during the 45th session of the World Heritage Committee hosted by Saudi Arabia in recent months. Turkey, which owns approximately 6.83% of these, has 82 properties registered on the list, comprising 75 cultural, 4 mixed, and 3 natural heritage sites. Various associations, foundations, and companies actively engage in preservation efforts to protect these assets. It is observed that Turkey, with 48 preservation status reports affiliated with UNESCO, has focused on safeguarding cultural heritage in these regions, particularly following the earthquakes that occurred on February 6th. 

1,717 historical artefacts were damaged in the February 6 earthquakes

According to Online PR Service B2Press information, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) delivered 20 containers to the Hatay and Kahramanmaraş Archeology Museums after the earthquakes. This aid will support the damaged artefacts until the Ministry of Culture and Tourism completes the restoration. According to lists released by the Ministry, the earthquakes affected 8,444 historical structures of cultural significance in 11 provinces. It is noted that more than 60% of the 2,863 examined artefacts have suffered damage to varying degrees, and authorities are working on new projects to protect cultural heritage from natural disasters. 

Floods, hurricanes and earthquakes: 3 disasters that endanger World Heritage Sites 

Online PR Service B2Press, based on its research findings, emphasises the need to implement sustainable policies to protect cultural and natural heritage from disasters, citing the importance of increasing resilience against climate-related catastrophes. A research study examining the principles that UNESCO World Heritage site managers adopted for disaster risk management also indicates that the institution prioritises preservation and maintenance principles as a fundamental duty. According to the survey, the highest perceived danger to world heritage sites is floods (18%), followed by hurricanes (14%) and earthquakes (6-8%). UNESCO implements a monitoring mechanism to take precautions against these risks for world heritage sites and utilises 20 knowledge-sharing platforms for sharing information and experiences among countries. 

Online PR Service B2Press underscores that there is an opportunity to develop new strategies at both national and global levels to address disaster risks based on the research conducted. 

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