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IT services provider will increase its contribution to the country’s economy
IT services provider will increase its contribution to the country’s economy

While the dynamics of the business world are changing rapidly with digitalization, approximately 75% of global companies are expected to adopt different technologies by 2027. Local service provider Rasyotek stated that they are on their way to becoming the first holding in the IT field in Turkey and announced that they will open nearly 20 technology solutions abroad with new investments. The company's medium-term goal is to expand to global stock markets.

TURKEY - As technology continues transforming the business world, many companies seek solutions to run their business more efficiently through IT service providers. So much so that the data announced by Statista shows that almost three out of four companies (about 75%) will adopt technologies such as big data analytics, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and cloud computing by 2027. While Rasyotek Group of Companies, which offers integrated IT services, continues to develop new products and services, it announced that it will open up to global markets with its new investments in the Republic's 2nd century.

Haldun Pak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rasyotek Group Companies, stated that they are on the way to becoming the first holding in the field of IT in Turkey and said that they aim to increase their contribution to the country's economy in this way, and made the following statement:

“With the motto ‘Technological Human’ since 2015, we have been providing services in information technology, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and e-commerce to a thousand businesses from every industry and scale from a single centre. We prepare reference projects for 150 organisations within Turkey’s top 500 companies and 40 different holdings. We plan to increase this momentum of success we have achieved in our country with new investments and collaborations in 2023. In this regard, we aim to bring the international arena together with Turkey’s innovative, flexible, and practical IT capabilities.” 

“We brought 50 billion TL to the business world through savings and direct earnings”

Stating that 2024 will bring different dynamics in the global economy and that the need for informatics and digitalisation of companies will increase, Haldun Pak said, “Worldwide economic and political fluctuations require companies to establish an agile and profitable structure in every sense. While we are taking firm steps towards becoming Turkey's first IT holding, we have brought 50 billion TL to the local business world through savings and direct profits with our services and solutions. "Now it is time to take this local and national success story to the global stage.”

Haldun Pak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rasyotek Group Companies, stated that they continue their export activities, especially to America and Europe, with the win-win model they developed, and said, “We focused on enriching all our service titles with the automation and digitalization opportunities we received from the IT infrastructure. In the past 10 years, we have developed 12 digital solutions, 3 health IT applications, and 2 industrial computer hardware devices. We transformed a person's work in a day into a model that a computer can do in seconds. This competence has paved the way for us to position ourselves and grow as an expert and reliable service provider.

It will be opened to global stock exchanges in the medium term

Underlining that Rasyotek continues its activities with investments in different fields, from tourism to food, from fashion to energy, as well as its experience in consultancy and informatics, within the group companies, Haldun Pak concluded his words as follows:

“As an enterprise, we have grown more than 100 times with the projects we have carried out since our establishment. We will expand our product and service portfolio in the new century. In the medium term, we will take our work to a new dimension to participate in global stock markets. We will go beyond our borders and make the growth of domestic and global companies sustainable. We will combine many applications in one centre with our integrated savings service logic.”

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