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Breathtaking Discounted Air Purifier Campaign from Daikin
Breathtaking Discounted Air Purifier Campaign from Daikin

As winter approaches, the time we spend indoors becomes longer, and a period begins in which indoor air quality will be even more important. Daikin, the leading brand in the air conditioning industry, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in Europe and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in Japan. It has launched a campaign to ensure its users have quality indoor air on cold winter days. Within the scope of the campaign, valid until November 24, 2023, special discounts are offered on air purification devices that help improve indoor air quality.

TURKEY - As the weather gets colder, the time we spend outdoors begins to shorten, and the time we stay indoors increases. This situation means that the air quality in our homes will affect us more. Almost half the world's population lives in regions where air quality is not considered good. Experts warn that the danger of air pollution is more serious indoors than outdoors. While poor indoor air quality causes acute health problems, it causes the body to lose fitness and problems such as lack of concentration. Statistics from the World Health Organization show that 4.3 million people die annually due to substandard indoor air quality. Consumers who want to breathe clean air in their places cannot constantly use outdoor air for circulation due to the decrease in air quality and the coldness, which pushes consumers to find a solution for the indoor environment.

Experts recommend using air purifiers with HEPA filters to breathe quality and correct air in indoor spaces. Daikin, the pioneer of the air conditioning industry, which closely follows the needs of consumers, supports its users in this regard with its new campaign.
Cleaner Air, More Affordable!

Within the scope of the campaign, special discounts are offered on MC30Y, MC55W and MCK55W air purifiers. The MC30Y device can be purchased for 6,799 TL instead of 8,940 TL, the MC55W device can be purchased for 6,999 TL instead of 12,900 TL, and the MCK55W device can be purchased for 8,999 TL instead of 16,980 TL. Consumers who want to benefit from the campaign are valid until November 24; They can purchase an air purifier at advantageous prices from daikin.com.tr and Daikin dealers.

Quality Indoor Air and Savings Together

Daikin air purifiers MC55W, MCK55W and MC30Y, with their 'Flash Streamer' technology, separate and destroy the molecules of undesirable factors such as dust, pollen, mould and odour, thanks to high-speed electrons. This Daikin patented technology is shown as 'the industry's most innovative and assertive air purification technology'. Flash Streamer technology and an electrostatic HEPA filter maximise these devices' power. The electrostatic HEPA filter, which captures 99.97 per cent of 0.3-micron particles, has a lower pressure loss than traditional HEPA filters based on the fineness of the filter. This means better clean air.

Also Save on Filter Maintenance

Daikin's Flash Streamer technology separates harmful substances held on the electrostatic HEPA filter and odours absorbed by the deodorising filter. Unlike traditional air purifiers, it eliminates the need for an activated carbon filter, which gets dirty easily and needs to be replaced and thrown away regularly. Filters designed for the devices can be used for 10 years, and consumers are not affected by the filter replacement cost during these 10 years.
Daikin air purifiers MC55W, MCK55W and MC30Y contain much more sensitive PM 2.5 sensors than standard dust and odour sensors. Thus, even particles that are too small to be seen with the naked eye and harm the respiratory tract are trapped and neutralised in the device. MC55W and MCK55W, products that take up less volume than previous models, can be used in homes, offices, hospital rooms, nurseries, classrooms and meeting rooms without creating any aesthetic problems with their lighter and stylish tower-like design.

Different Solutions for Different Needs

The devices are effective up to 82 square meters according to Canadian standards. MC55W and MCK55W model air purification devices, which are ideal products for those who care about indoor air quality, have high air cleanliness sensitivity and have pollen and dust-based allergies, have child lock, anti-pollen mode, automatic fan mode, screen brightness adjustment and automatic operation after a power outage. It also attracts attention with its functions, such as restarting.
Unlike other models, MCK55W can provide moisture in dry indoor air. The device, which provides this feature with the support of a water tank, meets the moisture needs of human nature. The newest Daikin air purifier family member, MC30Y, is designed to provide the optimum solution for residential and commercial applications in spaces up to 46 square meters according to Canadian standards. Operating at 19 dB(A) silence at minimum fan speed, the device is whisper-quiet and provides clean air without the users noticing. Like other Daikin air cleaning devices, the product features an electrostatic HEPA filter and Flash Streamer technology, a unique Daikin technology, and offers users quality indoor air.

In addition, Daikin Air Purification Devices are offered with a 6-year warranty for purchases made during the campaign period

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