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Turkish company's health software received FDA approval
Turkish company's health software received FDA approval

Turkey continues to prove its innovation power in the international arena with its solutions in health technologies. Finally, the domestic information technologies company, which received FDA approval for its Intensive Care Clinical Information Management System, carries the potential of Turkey abroad.

TURKEY - Turkey continues to achieve international success in the health technologies sector. Finally, Ordinatrum Information Technologies announced that it received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in the United States for its Intensive Care Clinical Information Management System called ARC ICU. Making a statement on the subject, Ordinatrum CEO Hatem Karapınar said, "As the first Turkish company to receive FDA approval in the field of software, we are proud to represent our country while proving our potential in technology worldwide.”

“We carry the power of domestic technology globally”

Hatem Karapınar said, “Our success in health technologies reflects not only our own story but also the potential that Turkey has.” He continued by mentioning the following about the system developed with a national perspective, “Our country has achieved significant success in health technologies worldwide in recent Yeats. We have set an export target of 100 million dollars for the next 5 years in order to get a larger share of the market. We are rapidly continuing our work in this direction.”

“We improve the quality of care and shorten the length of stay” 

Hatem Karapınar continued his words as follows, “As Ordinatrum, we have been working since 2019 to develop innovative products that increase service quality and create value in health informatics, while evaluating opportunities to open up to new markets and develop our global collaborations. Finally, the FDA-approved ARC ICU, which we designed to improve patient care in intensive care units, demonstrates Ordinatrum's power of innovation and know-how in the field of health informatics; It stands out as an example proving the quality of Ordinatrum. In addition, this success can be considered as proof that Turkish engineering has reached high standards in health technologies. Our product collects and analyzes patient data in intensive care units. It makes the work of healthcare professionals easier with its decision support system. In this way, it shows intensive care physicians and nurses the condition of the patients in real time and helps them make the best decision for the patient and treatment success. With our system that provides proactive and effective digitalization in intensive care treatment processes, we increase the quality of care and treatment performance, while also contributing to the health economy with improvements in length of stay.”

One of the Founding Partners of Ordinatrum, Dr. Emrah Yurtçu made the following statement on the subject, “We are moving strongly towards our goals with the participation of Ali Öztürk in our company, which we founded together with Hatem Karapınar in 2011. Ordinatrum has played an important role in the health technologies sector in our country for more than 10 years. Our company, which has an important place in the sector with our innovative approaches in health software, has now entered the international arena. We believe that Turkish engineering and field expertise in health technologies have great potential. With this belief, we will continue with the aim of successfully representing our country on the international health technologies stage.”

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