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A new method to quit smoking: Cognitive Revision
A new method to quit smoking: Cognitive Revision

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, smoking is an addiction that causes the death of more than 8 million people in the world every year. 70 percent of smokers want to quit smoking, but have difficulty finding an effective and permanent method for this.

TURKEY - Although there are various methods for those who want to quit smoking, most of them focus on eliminating physical addiction and ignore mental and emotional addiction. For this reason, most of those who quit smoking return to their old habit after a while. The Quit Easily initiative, which is a new ray of hope for those who want to quit smoking, helps people quit smoking at a cognitive level and permanently.

Oğuz Buğdaycı, Founder of Easily Quit, who says that he quit smoking after 13 years of smoking and tried many methods during this period, explains that after realizing that none of the methods he tried offered a permanent solution, he discovered that quitting smoking at the cognitive level, that is, "in the head", was the only permanent quitting method.

The mental and emotional bond established with smoking is destroyed

Realizing that he wanted to go beyond sharing his experiences in getting rid of cigarette addiction and helping those who want to quit smoking, Oğuz Buğdaycı summarized the story of the establishment of the initiative as follows, “I tried many methods to quit smoking, all of them forced me psychologically and each time I started smoking again. However, this method allowed me to quit both stress-free and without difficulty. That's exactly why I decided to found Quit Easily.”

Providing information about the method they used, Oğuz Buğdaycı shared the content of the sessions held with a psychologist who is an expert in his field:

“The method used by Easily Release is called Cognitive Revision. This method, which reveals and changes the root causes of cigarette addiction, consists of a 4-hour group session given by psychologist Duygu Sarıkaya, an expert on addiction. The sessions are held live via Google Meet, and all you have to do is have any computer, tablet or smartphone to participate. In these sessions, the mental and emotional bond established with smoking is completely destroyed. The causes, consequences and alternatives of smoking are discussed in the light of scientific methods. False beliefs and habits behind smoking are being changed. For example, people think that smoking is good for them. They explain this with expressions such as 'it reduces my stress, helps me focus, and gives me pleasure'. "In fact, this is nothing more than a temporary 'dopamine' effect, a kind of delusion.”

“We eliminate the need for cigarettes”

Oğuz Buğdaycı stated that his clients got rid of their smoking addiction by smoking their last cigarette at the end of the session and that they were now uncomfortable even with the idea of smoking, and explained the difference of Cognitive Revision from other methods as follows:

“The difference between the method we use and others is that it helps you quit smoking mentally. It is very difficult to quit smoking permanently with acupuncture, bioresonance and products containing nicotine. Because with these methods, you will not quit smoking mentally and emotionally. Cigarettes remain your old friend and you want to reunite with your old friend. However, with Cognitive Revision, your need for cigarettes disappears completely. Cigarettes are no longer a friend, but an enemy for you. Let alone hugging your enemy just once, even seeing him again will make you uncomfortable.”

“We provide a diet list that will alleviate nicotine withdrawal in the first 72 hours.”

Emphasizing that quitting smoking is a great investment both financially and in terms of health, Oğuz Buğdaycı concluded his words as follows, “Anyone who wishes can sign up for sessions at KolaycaBirak.com. We keep prices lower than 2 weeks' worth of cigarettes. We also offer our clients a free diet list at the end of the session. The purpose of the diet list specially created by an expert dietitian is to minimize nicotine withdrawal in the first 72 hours and to quickly purify the body from nicotine. “It is a very flexible list and includes products that are easily and affordably available.”

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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