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Turkısh youth made a stamp on the international bashnıa contemporary art symposıum
Turkısh youth made a stamp on the international bashnıa contemporary art symposıum

Bashnya International Creative Workshop for Young Artists held in Alabuga, Russia, brought together people of science and art from various countries of the world. Fine art students who won the first and second success awards of the Dream Melodies Painting Competition organized by the EMART Young Talents Foundation participated in the symposium representing our country.

TURKEY - Organized by the Alabuga National Museum of History and Architecture, VI. Ali Duman and Emre Tura from Turkey attended the International Bashnya Art Symposium. The event included many artistic workshops, artistic tours and concerts, and the exhibition, which included the works produced in 10 days with active workshops, and the ceremony, the symposium was completed. The exhibition, which opened on August 16, will be exhibited in various cities of Russia in the coming days.

Emre Tura, a student of Marmara University Painting Teaching Department, who participated in the symposium and won the first success award in the Dream Melodies Painting Contest, said that he was very happy to be a part of the symposium. Tura said, “I have gained knowledge that will contribute to my artistic practice by working with techniques that I have not experienced before. It was also very enjoyable to get to know the rich cultural structure of Alabuga. I witnessed multiple cultures and made new friends. It was very productive to be in other cities during the process. I would like to thank our coordinator Aygül Okutan, who is always with us, and the Emart Young Talents Foundation for providing us with this opportunity.”

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Painting Department Student Ali Duman, who won the second success award in the Tchaikovsky Yevgeni Onegin-themed painting competition, said, “I developed my perspective by meeting with master artists and learning new techniques. I had the opportunity to work in the same environment for 10 days with talented and friendly people. I learned a new culture by experiencing it personally. I visited many cities and fed them culturally and artistically. I am grateful to Alabuga State History and Architecture Museum and all its staff for this successful workshop. I would like to express my endless thanks to the Emart Young Talents Foundation, which helped me open this door and have unforgettable experiences.”

The coordinator of the organization, painter Aygül Okutan, stated that as a Tatar artist living in Turkey, it is her mission to contribute to the development of Turkish youth. Okutan said, “Our young artists had the chance to meet international painters working with different techniques and themes and watch their work. It was a unique process that would greatly contribute to their development. Our students have won the appreciation of everyone with their hard work, talents and adaptability.”

Making evaluations about the symposium, EMART Young Talent Foundation Board of Trustees Member Burcu Altay Doğan said, “Emre Tura and Ali Duman were in Russia for about 15 days after their success in the Tchaikovsky-Yevgeni Onegin themed Dream Melodies painting competition organized by our foundation. They participated in symposiums, visited museums and art houses in different cities. Our foundation will continue to support talented and productive fine art students.”

Esra KISAOĞLU, the official sponsor of the Dream Melodies Painting Contest event, AKPA Aluminum Corporate Communications Specialist, said, “As AKPA Aluminum, we broke new ground in the aluminum industry with our cooperation with the EMART Foundation. In the continuation of this competition, which directly touched and supported the students, the opening of the exhibition in different parts of Turkey and the participation of the winning students in workshops abroad made us even more happy. AKPA Aluminum will continue to contribute to the visibility of students and support the arts.”

About EMART Young Talent Empowerment Foundation

The Foundation for Empowering Young Talents is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established to support the artistic production of art students across the country, and to contribute to the country's art and cultural life by bringing diversity. The founding president of the foundation, Serkan Şahin, has a book titled "Dream Melodies - Journey to the Opera", which bears the same name as the painting competition organized by the foundation.

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