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19th-century scientist Alfred's hard life journey took its place on the shelves
19th-century scientist Alfred's hard life journey took its place on the shelves

The semi-fantasy novel OTTO - Endless Journey with Garba, which was written by fictionalizing actual events in history, took its place on the shelves. Writer Esra Sezer Ciner shares with her readers the gripping life journey of a 19th-century scientist with her first novel.

TURKEY — Contemporary Turkish literature continues to enrich with new works. Finally, Writer, Lawyer Esra Sezer Ciner published her first novel titled OTTO - Infinite Journey with Garba, inspired by the experiences of some scientists, artists and entrepreneurs who have left their mark on history from past to present, and which she wrote by blending her own spiritual knowledge. With this work, the author paves the way for readers to question life from a philosophical point of view and to acquire different perspectives.

The novel, which tells the gripping life story of a scientist who lived in the 19th century, takes place in Europe. The book tells about the deep anguish of the scientist Alfred, who is one of the main characters, of his great success as a result of his passion and hard work, and his reckoning with his spiritual guide Garba, who does not leave him alone. The novel, which is fictionalized in the light of lived events, takes the readers on an exciting adventure where they question their emotional experiences. The book, which is about the life journeys of the passionate genius Alfred and the mysterious guide Garba, who made a breakthrough in Europe at the time, reminds us that "Do the beginnings prepare the results or are the results a beginning?" brings the question.

“The main theme of my book had been wondering in my mind for 10 years”

Author, Attorney Esra Sezer Ciner, who won the first prize in the competition organized with the title of 100th Anniversary of the Republic in the 3rd Oktay Akbal Literature Awards organized by the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, said, “The characters and the background of the content in my book have been circulating in my mind for a long time. I can say that it took almost 10 years for the thoughts swirling in the background to be put on paper. In addition to creating the fiction and writing it down, it took me much time to research the scientific and historical issues in the content since the novel tells a period. The main character in the novel, Alfred, is passionate and hardworking. However, he is also prone to give up when faced with difficulties. At this very point, a mysterious guide, perhaps an inner voice, supports him by instilling various life philosophies. I aimed to create a book that would give motivation and inspiration to help my readers move on without giving up when they feel helpless in the face of difficulties. In this direction, my greatest desire is to instil a little hope in life and, therefore, to be able to contact as many readers as possible. Even if I can think a little about my beliefs, I'm happy.”

“What we experience in life is like a domino effect”

Esra Sezer Ciner said, “I think that every person who reads my book will encounter a section of his own life and find a piece of themselves. In this way, they will be directed to look at the whole picture by establishing a cause-effect relationship about their experiences. Life has shown me that every event has the effect of a domino. Each stone changes the state of the next stone. In my opinion, if we evaluate our experiences and what we have experienced from this perspective, we will strengthen our belief that no effort will go unrewarded and evil deeds will not go unpunished.”

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