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Dream Melodies in Ayvalık
Dream Melodies in Ayvalık

The paintings, which won the exhibition award in the Dream Melodies Painting Competition, held for the second time this year, are exhibited at the Ayvalık Karagöz Art House. The works of the competition themed Tchaikovsky "Yevgeni Onegin" opera can be seen between 2-8 August at Karagöz Art House between 13:00 and 21:00.

TURKEY - The "Dream Melodies Painting Competition", which is organized for the second time this year by the EMART Young Talents Empowerment Foundation, has awarded its first-place prize to Emre Tura, a student from the Marmara University Department of Art Education. The second-place prize was given to Ali Duman, a student from the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts Painting Department, and the third-place prize was awarded to Sena Gündüz, a student from the Yeditepe University Department of Plastic Arts and Painting. Oğuzhan Ulutaş, a student from the Bilecik Sheikh Edebali University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department, won the judges' special prize in the competition.

Twenty-three works that received exhibition awards will meet with art lovers at Karagöz Art House between 2-8 August. The exhibition can be visited free of charge at Cumhuriyet Caddesi No:183 Ayvalık between 13:00-21:00.

Support for Fine Arts Students

Arzu Şahin, a Member of the Board of Trustees of EMART Young Talents Foundation, who made evaluations about the competition, said, “We exhibited our exhibition at Istanbul Yeldeğirmeni Art Center and Artcontact International Contemporary Art Fair. Now we are in Ayvalık. Our foundation supports fine art students. While ensuring the recognition of students, we also want to bring classical music closer to both students and art lovers.”

Kenan Öztürk, Director of Ayvalık Karagöz Art House, stated that they will continue to contribute to making art students visible. Öztürk said, “Our organization, which has been working in Ayvalık since 2005, has always supported the creations in the field of art, apart from promoting professional music ensembles in the world. Accordingly, we are very happy to host EMART's exhibition in Karagöz.”

Yeditepe University student Sena Gündüz, the third success award winner of the competition, said, “I think that such competitions are very effective in terms of getting to know, defining and being recognized by young artists. So it was exciting to win the third achievement award. I would like to thank EMART Foundation for supporting art and artists.”

About Dream Melodies Painting Contest

The Dream Melodies Painting Contest was organized as a painting competition open to the participation of students pursuing their undergraduate or graduate education in art departments of universities in Turkey and painting departments of education faculties. Participants were asked to transform Tchaikovsky's Yevgeny Onegin opera itself or any part, song or melody in the opera into pictorial expression.

Competition Selection Committee; Baksı Museum and Baksı Foundation founder Prof. Dr. Hüsamettin Koçan, Head of ITU Fine Arts Department Assoc. Dr. Oğuz Haşlakoğlu, Head of Painting Department of Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Assoc. Dr. Devabil Kara, Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Dean Prof. Gülveli Kaya and EMART Young Talent Foundation Chairman of the Board Serkan Şahin.

42 students from 19 different universities participated in the competition. While four works were awarded, 22 works were deemed worthy of being exhibited.

Among the creators of the works that are worth exhibiting are Beyzanur Soner, Burak Uyanmaz, Cansu Tanrısever, Edanur Melek, Emrah Yağcı, Elif Özkan, Elvan Güven, Harun Reşit Sargın, Helin Ateş, Imprachim Matzir, Mehmet Berk Demir, Melike Çatkın, Mine Yenerkol, Nurdan Altuntaş, There are names such as Oktay Özbek, Ömer Bozoluk, Rojbin Özüoral, Şahin Beki, Sefer Tan, Şeyma Mol, Uğur Avcı, Yusuf Ağım.

About EMART Young Talent Empowerment Foundation

The Foundation for Empowering Young Talents is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established to support the artistic production of art education students nationwide in Turkey and to contribute to the country's art and cultural life by bringing diversity. The founding president of the foundation, Serkan Şahin, has a book named "Dream Melodies - Journey to the Opera", which bears the same name as the competition.

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