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A sustainable, hollow flooring system was preferred in the new building of the ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering
A sustainable, hollow flooring system was preferred in the new building of the ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering

The way to leave a more livable world to future generations is through sustainability. ABS Yapı, which applies Volimax hollow flooring systems, which are all made of recycled materials, integrates sustainability into the construction industry. 

TURKEY — The report of the Construction Material Manufacturers Association (IMSAD), which investigates the effects of construction materials on the Turkish market, points out that the industrial production of construction materials increased by 1.3% in March 2023 compared to the same period of the previous year, while industry players are now turning to sustainable production. Finally, ABS Yapı has applied Volimax hollow flooring system, which is an earthquake-resistant, nature-friendly and low-cost building material in the new building of the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Faculty of Civil Engineering.

ABS Yapı General Manager Okan Cüntay stated that they always aim to present the latest, technological and nature-friendly building products to the local market and said, “Turkey has a very large market share in the construction material construction sector. According to the data of IMSAD, it is recorded that the local construction material industry has reached 71.4 billion dollars. With our productions, we both contribute to the growth of the market and turn our production capacity into an advantage for future generations.”

“All of our products are made from recycled material”

Talking about the advantages of Volimax hollow flooring systems, ABS Yapı General Manager Okan Cüntay said, “The Volimax hollow flooring system allows the air spaces created with blind molds to be integrated into the reinforced concrete floor slab. It significantly reduces the overall weight of the structure without sacrificing structural performance requirements. Concrete and reinforcement consumption is minimized and the load on the foundation is less. It can also be installed quickly and easily. The construction processes are also simplified, paving the way for saving time. While obtaining a flat and continuous ceiling, it also makes sound and heat insulation possible. With this system, which has many advantages compared to classical building materials, we are reshaping the future of efficiency-oriented green building design.”

“Reduces carbon footprint”

General Manager Okan Cüntay concluded his words as follows: "Volimax hollow flooring system has been successfully implemented in the new building of ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering. This project is a proof of our shared vision to create sustainable, efficient and inspiring structures. The system is in construction with reduced concrete volume. We are happy to be able to contribute to ITU's work on environmental management and sustainable development by using recycled raw materials and reducing the energy required for transportation.”

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Contractor: Yapıtem Yapı Teknolojileri İnşaat
Static Project: Virtuous Project
Architectural Project: Ulaş Architecture

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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