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Turkish Honey Brand Anavarza Bal Wins Gold at London Honey Awards
Turkish Honey Brand Anavarza Bal Wins Gold at London Honey Awards

Adana-based Anavarza Bal, a honey producer, received a gold award for its filtered flower honey at the London Honey Awards 2023, aimed at promoting the quality and improvement of products to international processors and retailers.

TURKEY - Turkish food brands continue to make a name for themselves on the international stage with their achievements. Most recently, Adana-based Anavarza Bal returned from the London Honey Awards 2023 with a gold award. The competition aims to inform honey producers, processors, and retailers, as well as beekeepers, about maintaining and improving the quality of their products. The competition also opens up opportunities for local honey brands to increase their visibility in local markets and expand their presence globally.

Can Sezen, the General Manager of Anavarza Bal, stated that their mission is to provide consumers with honey that has been approved for its quality and take them on a journey of flavors. He shared his thoughts on the matter, saying, "Since the pandemic, consumer habits have been changing rapidly, and trust has become a primary criterion for purchasing food. Offering a healthy product alone is no longer sufficient because consumers are now looking for products that have been verified for their reliability, ingredients, and taste. By receiving an award at the London Honey Awards, where many international brands participated, we once again proved the taste and quality of our products on the international stage. We believe that every honey is sweet, but not every honey is flavorful."

"We have solidified the quality of our business in London"

Can Sezen concluded his remarks by saying, "With our Anavarza Bal brand, we have once again confirmed this argument with the award our filtered flower honey received in London. As a significant player in the industry for over 40 years, we continue to position ourselves. We have now solidified the quality of our business in London. Our facility in Kozan, Adana, is one of the top 10 facilities in the world in the field of honey production. With our principles based on reliability, we will continue to enhance breakfast tables with delight."

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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