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3.1 billion lira investment in the business center project in Bayrampaşa!
3.1 billion lira investment in the business center project in Bayrampaşa!

Bilgiçler Yapı is preparing to invest 3 billion 100 million TL for the office and commercial unit project of 95 thousand square meters in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul. With the project, it aims to save companies' resources and increase their productivity.

TURKEY - According to the report prepared by the US-based research company IMARC Group, the global real estate market, which was 7,063 billion dollars in 2022, is expected to increase to 7,954 billion dollars by 2028. Bilgiçler Yapı, on the other hand, announced that they will invest 3 billion 100 million TL in the smart trade and business center projects in Istanbul Bayrampaşa, which they will realize in the near future.

They invested 7 billion dollars in 7 years

Ali Emre Bilgiç, a board member of Bilgiçler Yapı, stated that they had invested 7 billion 200 million Lira in the real estate sector over the last 7 years, undertaking 5 projects. "Many commercial buildings in Istanbul are ancient and many of them need to be renewed. Therefore, we are preparing to launch our new project, consisting of office and commercial units in a closed area of 95,000 square meters in Bayrampaşa, which we can call the commercial heart of the metropolis. We have completed preparations for our project, which will soon start the pre-demand process. We will invest 3 billion 100 million Lira for this project. The project carries the quality of a masterpiece as an output of the knowledge and experience we have gained so far," he said.

“We will mate the needs of the players in the trade”

Ali Emre Bilgiç highlighted that with their projects, they have prepared spacious environments consisting of different functions needed in trade such as shops, warehouses, showrooms, car galleries, and factories. "So far, we have implemented commercial units of 141 thousand square meters. We attach great importance to the concept of a green building. We prioritize energy efficiency and savings. In our new project, we will build structures that generate their own energy and are in harmony with nature. We are adding features like the possibility of truck entrance to each floor, up to 7 meters high ceilings, and natural ventilation. We prevent the feeling of heavy smells like exhaust and factory smoke with natural circulation ventilation systems. With our projects located in critical locations logistically due to their proximity to the city center, highways, and airports, we facilitate the work of industry players by improving commercial conditions," he stated.

"We are looking for land for our new housing projects”

Stating that they will continue their investments in the housing sector until 2025, Bilgiçler Yapı Board Member Ali Emre Bilgiç said, “We delivered 97 villas and 72 residences with Göl İstanbul and Minas Park. We have also completed our 141 thousand square meter commercial unit, including our smart trade and business centers AKTİM 1, 2 and 3. Our search for land, ground surveys and project studies continue in order to add new ones to our projects that we have realized with designs that we prioritize low-rise and horizontal architecture. Apart from our commercial project in Bayrampaşa, we continue our work of 3 billion 500 million liras for our new investments.”

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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