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Micro-entrepreneurs who want to start their own business meet at GOODFORYOU
Micro-entrepreneurs who want to start their own business meet at GOODFORYOU

Operating in the digital EdTech sector, GOODFORYOU supports micro-entrepreneurs in the digital technology world by teaching them how to start a business at a low cost.

TURKEY - Extraordinary entrepreneur and pioneer Cem AKIN played a major role in the birth of GOODFORYOU. Cem AKIN, who started his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 16, first started working as a dealer for an American company. After his success there, he started his own company at the age of 18. By creating its own brand in 2008, it opened a new category in the sector by directing the mattress industry.

In 2011, it was honored by receiving the "Elle Decoration International Design Award" in the best bedroom category.

Cem AKIN started to lay the foundations of GOODFORYOU after moving to New York. Realizing the rapid transformation of the digital age in New York, Cem AKIN predicted that digital nomad work is the dream of a new world, young people and even many people while raising people's awareness of micro-entrepreneurship, and established GOODFORYOU as an EdTech company.

Acting with the vision of democratizing micro-entrepreneurship and enabling individuals with limited financial resources to have jobs, Cem AKIN founded GOODFORYOU, an EdTech company that aims to provide a unique training and mentoring platform to micro-entrepreneur candidates in the United States. Cem AKIN has introduced a groundbreaking business model by challenging entrepreneurial strategies that rely heavily on large investments and high budgets.
In 2020, Cem AKIN developed an innovative business plan that eliminates the exorbitant rent burden and facilitates profit sharing between tradesmen and entrepreneurs. It attracted great interest from people who wanted to open their own coffee shop with a minimum capital investment of 35,000 TL. In just 90 days, 85 dealerships were established, and within six months, 158 branches were successfully put into operation.
Empowered by this success, Cem AKIN realized the potential of spreading innovative business models to the digital world. Drawing on his deep understanding of the industry, he conceptualized the GOODFORYOU training and mentoring platform. This revolutionary end-to-end digital platform provides people who want to start their own business or want to improve their business how to embark on the journey of starting a business with the 16 Steps Program, how to set up their business with the 100 Steps to Start a Business Guide, and how to stay on the road with the Mentoring App. teaching. 

The testing process and success of the GOODFORYOU training and mentoring platform in Turkey allowed Cem AKIN to expand its success globally. The plans of the company, which is based in the USA, include expanding the platform in the second quarter of 2023 with offices to be established in the UK and Europe, in addition to the USA and Turkey. It is poised to make a significant impact on promising micro-entrepreneurs worldwide. By challenging the stereotypes, Cem AKIN aims to reveal the potential of millions of individuals and help them realize their dreams of owning their own businesses.

Artificial Intelligence continues to push the limits with its power

Being aware of the power of artificial intelligence, Cem AKIN pushed the limits of the GOODFORYOU platform even more and started to work on integrating AI technology into the digital Mentoring Application within the platform. This cutting-edge approach will give specific guidance and support to aspiring micro-entrepreneurs on their way to learning and developing in the digital age.

With this Artificial Intelligence mentoring software that Cem AKIN will add to the Mentoring Application on the GOODFORYOU platform, he will provide 24/7 guidance to micro-entrepreneurs, 365 days a year. By combining accessible training and personalized digital mentoring, it aims to increase the success rate of micro-entrepreneurs from 1% to an impressive 10% to 20%. GOODFORYOU continues on its way with the first micro-entrepreneurship training and digital mentoring platform in history that offers a groundbreaking approach for individuals worldwide.

 It will continue to bring innovation to the micro-entrepreneurship world

With the company GOODFORYOU in the USA, Cem AKIN received significant investments from leading businesses.

Beyond his search for groundbreaking entrepreneurs, Cem AKIN considers it his duty to pass on his knowledge and expertise to others. He has empowered promising business owners with invaluable insights by running many micro-entrepreneurship workshops at renowned Universities. In addition, Cem AKIN actively communicates with micro-entrepreneur candidates through his Instagram profile, creating a vibrant community on Instagram.
Cem AKIN's outstanding achievements in the digital technology sector exemplify his visionary mindset and unwavering commitment to empowering individuals worldwide. His journey inspires promising micro-entrepreneurs, demonstrating the transformative power of digital innovation in creating a more inclusive and dynamic business environment.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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