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Generation Z wants to work from the office
Generation Z wants to work from the office

The increase in the share of Generation Z in the workforce has changed the working models and office trends. Although many companies have switched to the hybrid model after the global pandemic, a recent study showed that four out of 5 members of Generation Z think they distance themselves from their colleagues while working remotely.

TURKEY - Generation Z, who was born into the digital age and whose speed of adaptation to change is much faster than previous generations, started to take a significant share of the global workforce. This has changed working models and office trends. Although companies have switched to hybrid models that include office and remote working after the global pandemic, research has shown that Generation Z is willing to return to the office. A study conducted with the participation of more than 3,000 employees in 9 countries revealed that four out of 5 Generation Z employees think that they distance themselves from their colleagues while working from home and that these people believe it is easier to establish bonds with their colleagues in the office environment.

Sharing her evaluations on the subject, eOfis Corporate Communications Director Melis Ataç said, “Generation Z gives importance to human relations and communication rather than processes and flows. For this generation, who are native to technology, it is important to communicate face-to-face and form bonds with their colleagues. The data shows that the Z generation wants to work in the office," he said.

Only one out of 10 people are satisfied with the office design

In the aforementioned research, it was seen that four out of 5 members of the Z generation felt more active while working in the office. On the other hand, only 11% of the research participants stated that they were satisfied with the design and use of their existing offices.

Pointing out that this situation brings a great opportunity for employers, Melis Ataç said, “Even if the Generation Z wants to work in the office, the existing offices do not satisfy them in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Only premium offices in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir have the flexibility of design and use that can satisfy Generation Z. At this point, instead of investing in a single office space, solutions such as eOfis, which offer joint offices in 55 A+ plazas in 13 cities of Turkey with a single contract and promise end-to-end serviced office options at the selected location at affordable prices, become more attractive for employers. 

Generation Z is the hardest generation to work with

In a study conducted by Resume Builder, it was found that three out of four executives described Generation Z as "difficult" to work with and one of the two leaders as the most difficult generation to ever work with. Emphasizing that each generation has its own expectations, Melis Ataç said, "It is necessary to provide Generation Z with a flexible working environment, to give freedom in terms of working hours, to provide activities, socialization opportunities and community opportunities in order to strengthen the company's belonging. Generation Z also needs inclusion, equality and diversity in the workplace. "They are also very sensitive about their approach. They can show the full potential expected of them when an appropriate work environment, flexibility and management strategies are implemented. Considering that this group receives a larger share from the workforce every year, it becomes critical for employers to develop people and cultural policies appropriate for Generation Z."

“We offer the office options that Generation Z needs in a single contract”

Noting that they have developed a business model in line with today's work and workforce trends, eOfis Corporate Communications Director Melis Ataç concluded her evaluations with the following words, "As eOfis, we offer serviced offices, virtual offices, virtual offices for more than 10 thousand companies in 55 A+ plazas in 13 cities, including locations such as Bodrum, Antalya and İzmir. We offer office, shared office and meeting room options. With our offices, each designed according to today's decoration trends, we offer our members not only a working environment but also the opportunity to be a part of a community. With our eOfis BİZ membership model, we provide freelancers and young entrepreneurs with office spaces that they can always use in important centres of Turkey. With our high quality and modern office solutions, we aim to reduce the costs of our customers, to whom we provide office services in prestigious business centres, and to prepare working environments where the employees of these customers can realize their potential.”

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