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Students build their career plans on the professions needed by the business world!
Students build their career plans on the professions needed by the business world!

Due to the worldwide demand for a qualified workforce, students shift their education to areas that companies need. More than 1/3 of students; are aware of the ongoing global workforce shortages and plan their careers at high school age. Izmir-based Eraslan School emphasizes that the increasing demand for qualified labour can be met with a qualified education. 

TURKEY - ECMC Group's research titled Question The Quo Education Pulse sheds light on the future plans of young people. According to the study, 75% of current high school students say they have a career plan. 36% of them state that they are also aware of the ongoing labour force problems in the world, and they say that they have planned their training to be employed in the fields that companies need. Believing that high school education has a critical share at this stage, 81% of the youth claim that the skills they learned in high school prepare them for both university and professional life, and they want to receive qualified education formulated as a solution to the unmet need for a qualified workforce.

Eraslan School High School Principal Bahar Erdem states that a qualified and versatile education is an effective factor for students to be preferred in business life and evaluates the issue with these words, “Many companies on a global scale are competing in finding a talented and qualified workforce. Because there are very few institutions that invest in the future of students and prepare them for business life with 21st-century skills, at this point, we emphasize the importance of getting to know students, closely following their academic and social developments, and providing an educational environment that will give them a versatile perspective. At Eraslan School, we follow our students very closely and one-on-one, support their areas of development and prepare them for the next step with university-level courses in high school.”

“We monitor the development levels of students with the BAS system, it makes up for their deficiencies.”

Bahar Erdem stated that they invested in their careers while preparing secondary and high school students who will transfer to both high school and university with the BAS course follow-up system, with individual field monitoring, and said, “He emphasized the need for holistic preparation in the national exam processes, saying that the education program of the students preparing for high school begins when they are in the 7th grade. A 60-hour 'readiness' course follows 180 hours of preparation. With the opening of schools, a total of 222 hours of reinforcement courses are held on weekends. The topics covered during the week are reinforced and advanced in differentiated training in weekend courses. Competitive preparations are made for scores that transform students' real potential into performance, with coursework increased by 1/3 from the routine education curriculum in total. While developing thinking skills through education programs based on reading skills, we also prepare our students for international exams. We share the evaluations of the exams held throughout the year with our students and their families in detail with the professional academic consultancy we receive in the Assessment and Evaluation.

“All of our students are in the 10% of LGS”

Emphasizing that one out of every 8 students completed the 2022 High School Entrance Examination, Eraslan School Secondary and High School Principal Bahar Erdem said, “Last year, half of our students were in the first 5% of Turkey, and everyone was in the 10%. This program starts in the 7th grade for middle school students and in the 11th grade for high school students and includes preparation for both national and international programs. In addition to the curriculum of the year they follow for YKS studies, we support Eraslan students with a training program that includes exam preparation and regular assessment and evaluation exams. We do exams on the weekends, studies and one-to-one lessons on weekdays. We complete the course subjects in the spring and increase the exam conditions of the students with the Test Application Program in the time remaining until the exam.”

“Eraslans take undergraduate courses from academics and understand the structure of the university”

Emphasizing that a multi-faceted study is being carried out for students to benefit from education opportunities at home and abroad, Bahar Erdem concluded her words as follows: “We guide each of our students individually. As a College Board member, we allow students to take undergraduate courses from academics while at high school as part of the Advanced Placement (AP) program. We offer not only AP but also Eraslan-specific elective courses starting from the 10th grade on economics, philosophy, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, international relations, astronomy-space sciences, art history and psychology. In this way, our students understand the university structure at the high school age and can choose a profession according to their interests. Our guidance unit introduces the professional skills needed at world standards to our students, and in this way, our students construct their career plans for the occupational groups needed by the business world.

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