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Over 12,000 students trust EssayEdge for their Ivy League admissions success
Over 12,000 students trust EssayEdge for their Ivy League admissions success

Advisory firm EssayEdge announced that it has assisted over 12,000 clients in securing admission to elite universities in its 25th year of operation. EssayEdge has successfully placed its users in more than 700 educational institutions so far, many of which are Ivy League universities.

US — EssayEdge has achieved a significant milestone. For over 25 years, the company has been helping students with their applications to prestigious universities. EssayEdge announced that it has served over 12,000 clients, many of whom have gained admission to more than 700 prestigious educational institutions, including Ivy League universities.

In late March of this year, Ivy Day marked the celebration of admission requirements and the application calendar for prestigious Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, and Pennsylvania. However, acceptance rates for elite universities - as well as the Ivy League- are at historically low levels. Recent data from Forbes Magazine shows that Harvard's acceptance rate was just 3.4%, while Yale's was 4.35%, and Columbia University's was 3.9%.  

Customized applications help candidates stand out

“Applying to elite universities has become increasingly challenging, with institutions requesting a range of documents including application essays, letters of recommendation, letters of motivation, and cover letters from applicants,” explained Becca Stark, Reputation Manager at EssayEdge. 

“The importance of these written materials in the admission process cannot be overstated. As the world's premier essay editing service, according to The New York Times, EssayEdge is committed to supporting prospective students throughout this rigorous process with our editing, proofreading, and consultancy services. We work closely with each client to personalize their applications and help them stand out in a highly competitive applicant pool.”

Applications are tailored to meet each universities’ expectations

EssayEdge offers online services to prospective students, where they can receive assistance from native English-speaking experts with a high level of language proficiency. This ensures that application essays and other documents are free from grammatical, stylistic, and punctuation errors. Additionally, editors provide valuable feedback to enhance the quality of the essay by addressing issues such as poor word choice or repetition. EssayEdge experts are skilled at writing or editing essays and letters that meet the specific specifications and standards required by each university.

Stark notes that EssayEdge has been operating for a quarter of a century and employs highly skilled editors who are Ivy League graduates. Impressively, 90% of EssayEdge's clients have been accepted to the top 10 universities in the US. Furthermore, EssayEdge boasts a customer satisfaction score of 9.8 out of 10, demonstrating the company's commitment to providing exceptional service to its clients.

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