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Hop, Europe's fastest-growing micro-mobility platform, begins its first Greek operations from Thessaloniki
Hop, Europe's fastest-growing micro-mobility platform, begins its first Greek operations from Thessaloniki

GREECE - Hop, Europe's fastest-growing shared mobility platform, which began its operations in 2019, started operating in Greece in March. The company, which entered the mobility market in Thessaloniki, the cultural capital of Greece, with its electric scooters and continues its operations in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, will soon commence its services to facilitate urban transportation in Athens and Patras.

Stating that they are working 24/7 to make environmentally friendly transportation popular in different countries, and they are happy to launch their operations in Greece; Georgios Karras, CEO of Hop Greece Technology, said, "In our fourth year, we strive to become the most robust and sustainable micro-mobility company in Europe with our accelerated operations in many European cities." 

New destination, Greece

Greece has become the new destination of Hop, which has expanded to 3 different countries and more than 20 cities in 4 years. Its solutions aim to sustain innovation and reduce the negative impacts of transportation on the environment. Offering high-standard shared electric scooters to help car-oriented cities become human-oriented again, the company, as the most powerfully growing micro-mobility platform in Europe, has provided users in Thessaloniki with shared electric vehicles which stand out with their high technology as well as high driving safety and performance.  

According to the data available on the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe website for March 2022, 50,000 private scooters were sold in Greece. The report also notes that there is no leading shared mobility provider in the country. 

"Micro-mobility solutions are a need for all cities"

Data from the TomTom Traffic Index shows that Athens ranks 25th in the global traffic congestion ranking, while in Thessaloniki, the time spent per 10 kilometers is 20 minutes, which extended by another 20 seconds in 2021. 

Georgios Karras highlighted that micro-mobility is a need for all cities, regardless of the scale. Stating that they provide 24/7 uninterrupted service based on a dream of a sustainable future and a solution-oriented policy, Karras remarked that many countries are still not acquainted with micro-mobility, or they have limited access, and said, "However, more than 60% of vehicle travel in the city take place for distances of 5 kilometers or less. This reveals that small, lightweight, shared, and safe micro-mobility solutions are essential." 

While the world is talking about the switch from fossil fuels to electrification in transportation, environmentally friendly micro-mobility solutions stand out among sustainable transportation options. Seeking to contribute to the fight against climate change and the switch to electric transformation in transportation, Hop aims to facilitate urban transportation and improve the life quality in cities by making its sustainable and accessible scooters widespread.  

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