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Apisyon Sigorta gave information about Turkey's TCIP Table
Apisyon Sigorta gave information about Turkey's TCIP Table

Apsiyon Insurance, which was put into operation in the 10th year of Apisyon, explained what you need to know about Compulsory Earthquake Insurance TCIP.

TURKEY - Turkey's earthquake reality showed itself once again on February 6th, 2023, with the great destruction that encompassed 11 provinces. During these earthquakes, in which we suffered great material and moral losses, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance brought TCIP to the agenda again. Askin Çiftçi, General Manager of Apisyon Sigorta, described TCIP with these words: “Mandatory Earthquake Insurance is a guarantee system to cover the material damages caused by the earthquake in the building you live in. In this way, it is aimed that life can continue at the basic standards before the earthquake.”

“We should give more importance to TCIP.”

Askin Çiftçi stated that we need to gain more awareness about earthquake awareness and compulsory earthquake insurance in the country; He emphasized that most of the damage in houses in the country is caused by earthquakes. Çiftçi; “Mandatory Earthquake Insurance; provides financial security against earthquake and fire, explosion, landslide, and tsunami risks. It contributes to the return to the normal flow of life by covering the damage of lightly and heavily damaged buildings. Independent sections within the scope of the Property Ownership Law dated 23/6/1965 and numbered 634, buildings built as residences on immovables registered in the title deed and subject to private ownership, independent sections within these buildings used for commercial, office, and similar purposes, and the state government due to natural disasters. Houses built with a loan provided by the company are subject to compulsory earthquake insurance.”

He explained the scope of TCIP with the following words: “With the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, TCIP covers the material damages directly caused by the earthquake and the fire, explosion, tsunami, and landslide caused by the earthquake, within limits specified in the policy, in cash. TCIP provides a maximum amount of collateral determined every year according to the increase in construction costs. The maximum guarantee amount given by TCIP is 640 Thousand TL for all building types as of 25 November 2022. In order to make it easier for everyone to have Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, TCIP tries to keep the premiums within the purchasing power of the homeowners. The square meter unit costs, which are used in the calculation of the insurance amount (collateral amount) and determined according to the construction style, have been determined as 3.016 TL for reinforced concrete structures and 2.080 TL for other structures as of 25 November 2022.

“All home and workplace owners can have Compulsory Earthquake Insurance.”

Stating that he frequently receives questions about who will do TCIP, the insurer clarified this issue; Çiftçi; “All home and business owners can take out the Mandatory Earthquake Insurance. The property owners bear TCIP expenses. The tenants are not obliged to make any payments regarding the insurance.”

“It is beneficial to have TCIP with housing insurance.”

Stating that it is beneficial to carry out TCIP with housing insurance, Apisyon Sigorta official explained the reason for this with the following words; “Making TCIP together with housing insurance ensures that the damage is covered by taking more collateral. Building construction costs are updated annually by the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement. For example; The cost of construction m² for buildings up to 10 floors is 6.350 TL. For this reason, DASK alone will not be enough. This difference should be made up with a home insurance policy.”

“Region, building type, construction year, and square meter information are important.”

Çiftçi stated that there are some factors to be considered while making TCIP; “According to the earthquake risk map of your building, the region, building type, construction year and especially square meter information are the main points to be considered. Since TCIP does not accept liability in cases of false declaration, it should be ensured that the information is correct during the declaration.” explained as.

“You can call ALO 125.”

Çiftçi reminded that people who have TCIP and whose house was damaged could call Alo 125 after the damage; “It will be sufficient for people whose houses are damaged to report the issue to the Alo DASK 125 Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Line. Everyone, policy number, and T.C. You can get support on this line with your Identity Number.” 

Source: dask.gov.tr

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