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 Turkey ranks 13th out of 28 countries in the average of female managers
 Turkey ranks 13th out of 28 countries in the average of female managers

The 'Women Managers' research conducted in the last quarter of 2022 by the independent auditing, tax, accounting, and consultancy company Grant Thornton, with the participation of nearly 5,000 companies from 28 countries, including Turkey, examines the impact of changing company structures on women managers after the pandemic. Turkey ranks 13th out of 28 countries, with an average of 37% female managers.

TURKEY - While the rate of women in senior management roles is 32% globally, Turkey is 5 points above the global average at 37%. Since 2012, the rate of companies without female managers in Turkey has annually decreased from 24 percent to 7 percent. Nurcan Yıldırım, Partner of Grant Thornton Turkey Independent Audit Services, said, "Although this progress is pleasing for now, the social and economic effects of the earthquake we experienced on February 6 will be severe, and these effects may be reflected in the ratio of female managers working in our country.”

Finance and human resources are the two roles in which women are represented the most

According to the information provided by companies from Turkey participating in Grant Thornton's research, the most active roles of female managers are finance (47%) and human resources (39%). These rates are in parallel with the global rates of 38% and 40%, respectively. According to the statements of the companies participating in the Grant Thornton survey from Turkey, it was seen that the priority management strategies to improve the gender balance were 50% to create an inclusive culture where employees could freely express their thoughts, ideas, and questions, and 40% to work/life balance. Nurcan Yıldırım stated that 37% of the employees in the companies participating in the report from Turkey work in hybrid and 61% work in the office, and it is important to be in a cultural structure that observes the work/life balance of the companies, especially after the pandemic.

From 19% to 34% in 19 years

Research conducted by Grant Thornton International for 19 years sheds light on the gender diversity observed in senior management of participating companies. The results of this year's research show that the number of female executives in the business world continues to increase, but this increase is slow. Another result of the global research is the hybrid, flexible, or direct working from home that emerged during the pandemic period and continued in many businesses after the pandemic. In workplaces where these types of work are possible, 34% of women managers work in senior positions. On the other hand, the rate of women working at the level of senior executives remained at 29% in businesses that exclusively work from offices. Nurcan Yıldırım stated that in order to ensure a cultural structure that considers gender balance in workplaces, it is necessary to adopt a determined and purposeful corporate behavior, to be transparent to employees, to focus on programs that encourage gender equality and balance, to monitor hybrid/flexible and working from home conditions and to make improvements. ' he underlined.

Southeast Asian countries are leading 

The proportion of female managers in Southeast Asian countries is higher than in other regions. The rate of female managers is 49% in Singapore and the Philippines, 40% in Malaysia, 39% in Indonesia, 37% in Thailand, and 34% in Vietnam, which is above the global average. Countries in this group increased their average to 40% from 37% last year. Japan, on the other hand, shows the opposite situation by staying at the bottom of the list every year. Japan, which has a patriarchal structure, stands out as the country with the least number of female managers, with a ratio of 16%.

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