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VOQ brings Italian decoration to bathrooms
VOQ brings Italian decoration to bathrooms

The multicultural lifestyle shapes the trends of the decoration world. Many global decoration brands create innovative styles by combining the design culture of different countries with their products. Now, VOQ brings Italian design culture to bathrooms with its unique furniture.

TURKEY - Globalization is shaping the trends of the decoration world. Many global decoration brands, which have found a place in the international arena with their original designs, are innovating by bringing the decoration styles of different cultures together with their products. Now, bathroom furniture brand VOQ carries the Italian design culture to bathroom furniture with the motto "Italian style is now in the bathrooms with VOQ". It combines styles such as classical, modern, and neoclassical, which are seen in many art branches where creativity is dominant, with a holistic design approach, transforming bathrooms into both pleasant and functional living spaces.

Inspired by Italian designs

VOQ promises to purify the bathrooms, one of the first living spaces of people, from the excesses of life, with the furniture it produces inspired by Italian design models. It paves the way for bathrooms to be redecorated according to different styles with minimal, elegant, and stylish lines. It allows different combinations with a variety of modules that organize the bathrooms. With its eco-friendly bathroom furniture, it makes it possible to design bathrooms in accordance with all kinds of lifestyles.

Bringing Italian decoration style to bathrooms

Italian bathroom furniture brand VOQ brings a new perspective to the classical style with modern lines with its Luxury collection, which promises a flamboyant and stylish bathroom design. It creates a sophisticated look and perpetuates timelessness with its collection lines that find are formed with Art Deco lines. Revealing a modern, natural, and extraordinary understanding with its Design collection, the brand transforms bathrooms into comfortable spaces. In addition, it adds the breath of both the city and nature to the design of bathrooms, with its products suitable for different lifestyles. Bringing functionality to the fore in bathrooms with its Line collection, VOQ simplifies bathrooms with the functional products of the series in this collection.

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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