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Portuguese citizenship can be obtained with a real estate investment of 280 thousand Euros
Portuguese citizenship can be obtained with a real estate investment of 280 thousand Euros

In the globalizing world, having a second passport today significantly contributes to individuals' personal and cultural development while bringing many opportunities, especially financial income. While many European countries grant work and residence permits in return for a certain investment, Portugal stands out among these countries. Portugal, which gives a residence permit on the condition of a real estate investment of 280 thousand Euros, offers a golden opportunity to millions of people who dream of Europe.

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TURKEY - Economic fluctuations worldwide and the COVID-19 pandemic have brought mass and global migration movements. Millions of world citizens who dream of living and working in Europe get a second passport as European citizens thanks to the advantages and opportunities provided by European countries. Among these countries, Portugal, which stands out with its cultural texture, rising economy, quality living standard, tourism identity, and affordable real estate market, is among the countries most preferred by Turkish citizens in terms of residence and EU citizenship acquisition by making real estate investments abroad.

Pointing out that Portugal has many advantages as a Mediterranean country, EUPorto Co-Founder Aylin Damas emphasized that living in European countries, getting an education, and building a career are necessities in today's world. Stating that the safest and easiest method to achieve this is the Golden Visa application, which provides a residence permit through investment, Aylin Damas continued her words as follows.

Portugal Golden Visa offers the most advantageous conditions

“In recent years, there has been a growing interest in freedom of movement, living and working opportunities in Europe. Golden Visa, the residence permit program that provides these opportunities, is a set of rights granted by some European Union member countries to citizens of countries outside the EU, such as Turkey, in return for investment. The most popular Golden Visa programs belong to Portugal, Spain, and Greece. However, the minimum investment amount of Golden Visa, updated at the beginning of 2023, increased to 500 thousand Euros in Greece after Spain turned the point of many investors to Portugal. Portugal Golden Visa, which provides a residence permit with a minimum real estate investment of 280 thousand Euros, draws attention as the residence permit program that offers the most advantageous conditions among the European Union countries.”

EUPorto Co-Founder Aylin Damas, who pointed out that the Portugal Golden Visa application gives the right to live and reside in Europe in the easiest and fastest way, listed these advantages as follows.

“You can obtain EU citizenship with 35 days of accommodation in Portugal”

“The residence required for European Union citizenship can be completed by being in Portugal for five years, only seven days a year, 14 days in two years. This is an incredible opportunity. In other words, the only way to get an EU passport as a family is by taking a holiday in Portugal for only 35 days for five years without disturbing the established family and work order. To achieve the same result, the number of days to complete in Spain and Greece is at least 183. This means it is necessary to reside in Spain for 1,830 days and 1,281 days in Greece to apply for citizenship.”

Underlining that this situation makes the investor a taxpayer in these countries, EUPorto Co-Founder Aylin Damas said, “However, Portugal still grants EU citizenship with a total stay of 35 days. It is possible to obtain EU citizenship as a family with a Portugal Golden Visa, an investment of 280 thousand Euros, and a stay of 35 days in 5 years. During the five-year Golden Visa, the investor and their family can travel to all Schengen countries without a visa. They can live, work or even start a business in Portugal. Benefit from e-Education and health services like Portuguese. After Portuguese citizenship is obtained, these rights are now valid in all EU countries. That is why Portugal Golden Visa is a golden opportunity not to be missed for investors seeking these rights across Europe.”

The most efficient and safe options for the investor's goal

The application criteria are; EUPorto Co-Founder Aylin Damas, who listed her as "having a clean criminal record, getting a passing grade in the beginner-level Portuguese language test and still keeping the investment,” concluded her words as follows.

“As EUPorto, which provides consultancy on Portugal Golden Visa, we have been operating for more than five years. Being Portuguese-Turkish by birth, we offer the most efficient and safe real estate options in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve region, as I have local knowledge and market dominance. We have a rich portfolio in all investment types and categories under Portugal Golden Visa. With a boutique consultancy service, we coordinate all transactions from A to Z for the residence permit, supporting the investor in choosing the most efficient and safe options for their target. Those who want to reach us can visit euporto.com.”

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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