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TheLifeCo invites people to be “their best versions" with new generation Biohacking Wellness Technology
TheLifeCo invites people to be “their best versions" with new generation Biohacking Wellness Technology

Premier health and wellness group TheLifeCo is now offering biohacking, a globally rising trend in wellness, at its holiday paradise destinations

Biohacking, the latest global trend for optimizing health and performance through various remedial methods and interventions, is the latest offering from premier health and wellness group TheLifeCo at its locations in Bodrum and Antalya in Turkiye as well as its flagship location in Phuket, Thailand. 

Offering numerous proven benefits such as a better functioning digestive system, healthier and radiant skin, an accelerated metabolism, and an immune system for over 16 years, TheLifeCo programs are now expanding to focus on overall body and mind health using the latest biohacking technologies. Biohacking involves using science and technology together to achieve better body and mind performance, strengthen the person physically, mentally, and emotionally, and maximize their energetic performance.

TheLifeCo programs have long offered detox, healthy nutrition, exercise, and IV (intravenous) therapies, which are now supported by biohacking methods and practices that can be helpful with problems such as sleep, stress, and cognitive decline.

Biohacking practices allow the body to reach its maximum potential

“As human beings, our life expectancy has almost doubled in the last century. But although we live longer, our brain functions, emotions, and mental health are affected by the negativities brought about by the 21st century. The pandemic, earthquakes, and economic anxiety are some of the stresses that mean our bodies are working at full capacity and rather inefficiently. In other words, we live longer than before, but we get tired much more quickly, feel unhappy, get stressed and lose energy” said Gonca Yarımer, Wellness Director at TheLifeCo.

Biohacking techniques dating back to ancient times

"Biohacking includes various healing methods and interventions that have been used since ancient times. They rely on the management of the body and mind to optimize our overall health and performance through various healing methods and interventions. Practices such as meditation and intermittent fasting are also biohacking techniques. Recently, as technology has progressed, the variety and effect of biohacking therapies for physical, mental, and emotional strengthening have increased,” said Yarımer.
Biohacking wellness includes devices that use methods such as light therapy, electro-therapy, vibration and frequency therapy, unique cabins, and saunas that focus on health and improving body functions. TheLifeCo’s Biohacking Wellness Programs include Bio-Charger, Red-Light Bed, Bio-Light Therapy, Flex-Beam, Sensate, NeuroVIZR and High Altitude / Hypoxia training.

Elon Musk is an advocate of biohacking

Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof 360, also known as the 'Father of Biohacking' once said that biohacking is the art of changing the environment around and within us to gain complete control over your biology. “Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, is just one of the more famous people advocating the use of mechanical or digital supplements to increase the capacity of the human body’s performance. Elon says that if humans want to continue adding value to the economy, they must combine biological intelligence and machine intelligence to increase their capabilities. This is possible with biohacking” Yarımer added. 

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