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The trouble of measuring with a 3D scanner in dentistry is over!
 The trouble of measuring with a 3D scanner in dentistry is over!

Techniques that take a long time, such as tooth measurement in implant and smile design treatments, are now a thing of the past. While 3D scanner technology enables all dental treatments, especially implants and veneers, to be performed quickly and accurately, it turns treatments into comfortable experiences for both physicians and patients.

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TURKEY - Impression taking procedures, which take a long time in dental treatments, are now left behind. The developed 3D scanner technology enables tooth impression taking procedures to be performed in a short time, making the treatment comfortable for both patients and physicians. According to Batuhan Memik Işık, Chief Physician of the Surgical Group Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics, which provides services in all oral and dental health treatments, especially implant, All On Four techniques, Implant and aesthetic dentistry, digitalized dental health services opened the door to an increase in patient satisfaction. Thanks to the new 3D measuring technology, measurements and calculations that cannot be done manually can now be easily performed, and the teeth modeled on the computer can be made to the most perfect level.

Digital smile design has become a step beyond traditional smile design

Batuhan Memik Işık, who stated that they aim to bring a natural smile to the patient by using many techniques together in the smile design process, also known as "Hollywood Smile or Hollywood Smile Design" in our country, said that 3D technology is created in aesthetic and functional dental treatments. He listed the advantages as follows: “Digital software is the biggest assistant of dentists who aim to design a beautiful smile that creates harmony between the patient's tooth structure, gums, lips and face. We also prefer the 'digital smile design' technique, which minimizes the errors that may arise from traditional methods by starting to use our 3D modeling devices in our clinic. In the digital approach, as in all other health branches, we are transitioning to a much more detailed, error-free and fast process. Therefore, the treatment becomes much more personalized. In digital smile design, measurements are made with 3D scanners to achieve the most natural and aesthetic smile. Based on these measurements, implant and orthodontic treatments, prosthetic tooth applications and gingival treatments that will support the smile design are planned together.” 

“We do not hesitate to invest in new technologies”

Batuhan Memik Işık, Chief Physician of the Surgical Group Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics, explained that they base patient satisfaction in all treatment processes and that they have started to implement all global innovations to increase satisfaction in this context: “There are hundreds of people from both domestic and abroad who are satisfied with our dental treatments. The key to this success is of course our satisfaction-oriented approach that meets the expectations of the patient. On the other hand, we give a lifetime guarantee of use, especially for implants. For this reason, our patients know that they will use their implants for many years without any problems like their own teeth. We follow technology closely and do not hesitate to invest in new technologies. Because we want our dentists to work in more comfortable and well-equipped conditions, and we aim to prevent our patients from encountering any problems that may arise from human error during the treatment process.”

“We aim to increase the quality of life of our patients by considering the social benefit”

Batuhan Memik Işık, who said that they provide services in all oral and dental health treatments, especially implant and aesthetic dentistry, as Surgical Group Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics, has been serving in Kartal since June after Avcılar. He concluded his speech by stating: “We aim to provide a health service that considers the social benefit in terms of oral and dental health treatments and increases the quality of life of individuals. We provide all our patients who choose to receive service from our institution, equipped with the latest technological devices and infrastructure, adhere to ethical values ​​and international quality standards, and offer results that make them smile in all the treatments they need with our qualified healthcare professionals. In this direction, in addition to continuing our scientific studies, we also follow the technological developments in the world.”

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