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Became mandatory in 2018 and achieved 61 percent success in 3 years!
Became mandatory in 2018 and achieved 61 percent success in 3 years!

The mediators eased the burden of the courts, which were working overtime. Atty. Arb. Ural Aküzüm from Alfa Mediation said, “In 2020, 59% success was achieved in consumer disputes, 53% in labor disputes and 51% in commercial disputes. Court processes, which used to take a thousand days, have decreased to an average of 20 days thanks to mediation.”

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The mediation method introduced into the legal system by the Ministry of Justice ensures that business, commercial and consumer disputes are resolved in a short time. According to the data of the Ministry of Justice, in 2020, 145 thousand 384 out of 276 thousand 597 files in labor disputes resulted in agreements between the parties. The decision process, which took 555 days in labor disputes, was reduced to 20 days by mediation, and a success rate of 53% was achieved in 1 year. The mediation method, which was made compulsory in labor disputes in 2018, reached a success rate of 61% in 3 years. Stating that the mediation method has become a functional tool in the resolution of disputes and alleviated the burden of labor and commercial courts, Atty. Arb. Ural Aküzüm said, “When we look at the annual averages, we see that the cases handled by 450 labor courts and 65 commercial courts in a year are resolved in a short time by mediators.”

1000 days of overtime reduced to 30 days

Reminding that the mediation method, which was voluntarily initiated by the Ministry of Justice in 2013, is mandatory in business, commercial and consumer disputes, Atty. Arb. Ural Aküzüm said, “With the mediation method, success rates of 51% and 59% were achieved in commercial and consumer disputes, respectively, in 2020. While the resolution of these disputes took 2 years in the courts of first instance, it took an average of 1,000 days in the Regional Courts of Justice and the Court of Cassation. Thanks to the mediation method, commercial disputes are now resolved in an average of 30 days.”

Establishes a solution partnership with the parties

Drawing attention to the psychological and financial burdens created by the inability to resolve disputes in a short time due to long court processes, Aküzüm said, “Mediation method has removed these burdens. As Alfa Mediation, we have been establishing solution partnerships with the parties through the service we provide, considering the principles of confidentiality, trust, equality and impartiality since 2020. We are taking pioneering steps to expand this service by meeting the increasing demand for mediation, which is an economical, fast and profitable solution, in the best way possible.”

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