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The meeting, which traveled all over the world in 24 hours, had its closure in Turkey
The meeting, which traveled all over the world in 24 hours, had its closure in Turkey

The events organized to raise awareness in the field of breast surgery brought the medical world together this time. Lastly, the Breastics24h Congress, which was held online on September 25, continued for 24 hours with more than 2,000 participants. The congress, which brought together breast surgery associations and surgeons, traveled around the world and ended in Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Every year, many women around the world struggle with breast diseases, especially breast cancer. According to the data of the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people who lost their lives due to breast cancer in the last 40 years has decreased by 40%. It is estimated that 2.5 million breast cancer deaths could be prevented if an average reduction of 2.5% per year is achieved by 2040. In support of this goal, many studies have been organized to raise awareness about the disease in October every year since 1985. While the rapid integration of technology with medicine plays a major role in the positive outcome of treatments, social awareness and awareness activities continue at full speed. In this process, organizations for the training of health workers are also held. Finally, the online congress, organized under the name of Breastics24h, lasted 24 hours with more than 2,000 participants and brought together breast surgery associations and surgeons.

7.8 million women diagnosed with breast cancer survived 

The project partner of the event in Turkey, President of SENATURK Senology Academy Prof. Dr. M. Bahadır Güllüoğlu said that Breastics24h was designed by specialist organizations from 8 countries in order to teach oncoplastic surgery techniques to surgeons from all corners of the world who could not reach standard education. Stating that 7.8 million women diagnosed with breast cancer in the last 5 years have successfully survived the treatment, Prof. Dr. Güllüoğlu shared the current picture in the field of breast surgery with the following words: “The numbers show that we can get very well in the future. The medical world has come a long way in this area and different applications are carried out during the treatment process. Although the combined methods applied to the patients vary according to the subtype of the disease, we cannot talk about a painless treatment since a non-surgical treatment method cannot be offered. We use technological tools to reduce complications.”

A global education project

Noting that the event is the first application of a global education project, NL M.I.C.E. Founding Partner Nihal Kırkım shared the following details: “Breastics24h event followed the daylight on September 25 and connected to England, South-North America, New Zealand, Australia, China and India, respectively, and ended in Turkey the next day. More than 2,000 participants watched the training offered by 120 surgeons, who are among the best in the field of oncoplastic surgery worldwide. Training was given on topics such as planning, joint decision making, preparation for surgery, postoperative emergency care, complication management and critical thinking. It was explained how to establish a better dialogue with the patients with the resuscitation method.

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