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E-Commerce Investment from Pakistan to Turkey
E-Commerce Investment from Pakistan to Turkey

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Pakistani businessman Serdar Noorzad said that they aspire to a significant share of TL 300 billion, which is the e-commerce target in 2023, announced by the government in 2019. Serdar Noorzad, representative of Noorzad Petro Chemistry in Turkey, stated that he sees the growing volume of e-commerce as an investment opportunity during the pandemic. He added that the e-commerce platform will be another pillar of their investment from Pakistan to Turkey.

Serdar Noorzad said, “We are in the process of establishing an e-commerce platform based in Turkey. The fact that the e-commerce volume, which has risen unpredictably during the pandemic period, exceeds 150 billion TL in the first half of 2021, signals that the 2023 targets can be reached much earlier. We will make a significant contribution to these figures with the e-commerce platform we have established with our resources in Pakistan.” 

“We will prevent monopolization”

“Of course, there are very strong players in the e-commerce sector as well as in every sector. But it is undesirable for these powerful players to go to monopolization in the industry. We also aim to prevent this monopolization thanks to our own e-commerce platform. Unlike other platforms, apart from Istanbul, we will create distribution centers in at least one province in the Mediterranean Region, Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia Regions. In this way, we will contribute to the development of these cities as well as ensure that the distribution is made faster. In this way, small and medium-sized e-commerce sites and platforms and companies that produce locally will also be able to get a share of the cake. We will all build trust and quality in this sector together with our own unity. It is not an e-commerce sector dominated by the strong, but we will do whatever we can to become a sector where we are stronger together,” Serdar Noorzad said, adding that they will have a different work tactics on some topics from other e-commerce platforms.

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