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“This year has been the year of curly hair”
“This year has been the year of curly hair”

Adem Yılmaz, the hairdresser preferred by the art and football community, stated that due to the lack of care and stress in the pandemic restrictions, the hair was adversely affected and said, "There are many complaints about hair loss. During this period, demands for natural cosmetic care to protect from hair loss increased.” Yılmaz also stated that there was a lot of demand for comfortable, shabby and wavy men's hairstyles in 2021, "This year has been the year of curly hair." 

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Adem Yılmaz, the owner of the hairdressing salon named "Adem Yılmaz Hair Studio" in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul, has national and international awards in the sector. Adem Yılmaz, the hairdresser of many famous names from the art and sports community, evaluated trend hairstyles in the period when the restrictions were lifted after the pandemic.

“Demand for masculine haircut models”

Explaining that there has been a lot of demand for comfortable, shabby and wavy men's hairstyles in recent months, Yılmaz stated that especially permed hair left its mark on 2021. “Nowadays, men care about personal care as much as women do.” Yılmaz shared the following information about 2021 men's hairstyle trends; “Although the 2021 men's haircut models vary according to hair types and different tastes, this year's popular men's hairstyles stand out as natural and shabby models. Generally, medium length haircuts are preferred. There is more demand for cuts and models that give a masculine look.” 

“This is the year of curly hair”

Celebrity hairdresser Adem Yılmaz said, “The new men's hairstyles are models that make the hair look cooler. This hairstyle enchants men. Those who are looking for a new hairstyle or want to change their hairstyle cannot say 'no' to cool models. In this respect, curly-haired men are very lucky. Because I can say that this year is the year of curly hair. Curly hair men's style has become very popular. This style also suits men with an oval face shape.”

Stating that they apply voluminous styling methods for men who do not have curly hair, Yılmaz said; “We design the most suitable model for a natural and shabby style with methods such as pressing the hair with foam, wavy styling, model development with products such as fixing spray. For this style, besides the hair structure and length, the person's face type and head structure are also effective. Also, hair color is an important factor. So we blend our customers' demands with new trends for popular men's hairstyle designs." 

“Demands for hair loss care have increased”

Adem Yılmaz, a member of the board of directors of "CMC CAT Turkey", the world's largest hairdressing organization, also stated that hair was adversely affected by the stress of the pandemic, and stated, "Hair care has been disrupted in the last 1-1.5 years as of 2020. Because during the pandemic process, people spent most of their time at home due to restrictions. During this period, hair treatments were delayed or ignored. The uncertainty and stress caused by the pandemic negatively affected the hair. For this reason, especially hair loss complaints come a lot. In this period, demands for natural cosmetic care against hair loss have also increased. We are trying to minimize hair loss problems with effective natural solutions.” 

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