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A Book Inspired by Women by Begüm Fırat
A Book Inspired by Women by Begüm Fırat

Author Begüm Fırat, in her book “Coya”, which bears the same name as her mother's grandmother, deals with love along with other aspects of life such as faith. Inspired by a forced migration journey from the Iberian Peninsula to Turkey, the book invites readers to question the values that make up the fiction of life.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Love, which has been the subject of numerous works up to this time, is discussed in Begüm Fırats' book “Coya” within the framework of love and faith. Noting that true love is part of the game of life in her book and that love can be experienced when it is deserved, Author Fırat commented on the book: “Every person who wants to live in love passionately can make mistakes throughout his life and think that real love is what he finds and suffer. And finally the person realizes that he has fallen into a trap. However, love is part of a person's maturation process and self-search, and when we are ready, people and events come across in a weave. Proceeding from this, I tried to explain in my book the pain of love, the purpose of raising us, how it guides our lives and the importance of love in all conditions of life.”

Do we have a chance to choose true love?

Starting from the fact that in her book, every person has experiences full of misconceptions about love throughout her life, Begüm Euphrates distracts readers from the disappointments caused by wrong choices. “We have no chance to choose true love! If we deserve it and need to experience it in this life, we can live it at the right time,” the author says, noting the constructive and unifying effect of love and faith on love. 

The unifying role of love and faith

Fırat said that she treats the concepts of love and faith in the book not as a teaching from the window of love, but in a way that makes the reader want to question life, “My book, which I wrote inspired by real events, is named after my mother's grandmother Coya. The love and faith that guided her travels, which began with the forced migration of her ancestors from the Iberian Peninsula, have deeply impressed me with the stories I have listened to from her since I was a child. In the process, I saw the unifying role of love and faith in the relationships of family, mother and daughter, friendship in which they live. In my book, my greatest inspiration was myself and all the women, especially my mother's grandmother Coya.”.

Faith in the power of unity and goodness

Fırat, who mentions in all lines of her book that true love is experienced not based on choices, but on the right time, bases this thesis on the belief in Islam. Fırat said, “In my book, I explain that the belief in Islam enables free will in elections, but our desires are not effective in this choice. There is a choice that consists of free will, but the realization of the choice and its outcome is the will of Allah. Because a person's choices can cause many good or bad events, and these choices can affect not only himself but also many people. In my book, I have tried to display an attitude that imposes belief in the power of unity and goodness and acting with love in all situations.”

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