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The right choice in implant treatment is by doctors
The right choice in implant treatment is by doctors

There are many questions that patients seek answers to about implants, which is one of the preferred methods in dental health problems. All the questions about the dental implant sector, which is growing every year in our country, Işık Dental Clinics Founder and Chief Physician Dr. Deniz Işık Ada answers in detail.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Many nutrients that we consume during the day cause various ailments, no matter how much care we apply to our teeth. Especially in the main problems such as bone decaying, tooth loss, implant treatment is one of the most preferred solutions. Patients who want to have implant treatment first have questions such as “which implant should I prefer" or “which is the best implant brand”. Founder and Chief Physician of Işık Dental Clinics Dr. Deniz Işık clarifies the issue with the following words: "When it comes to implants, it would not be right to say ‘this brand is the best’. Implant manufacturers carry out different studies depending on the operations to be performed and the types of treatment. You can trust all brands with successful literature reviews and R&D studies.”

“The history of the manufacturer should be looked at, not the origin”

According to the Dental Implant Industry Report of the Dental Implant Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association, dental materials, which are among the most important sectors of our country, have turned into a 504-million-dollar market in 2020. It was stated that dental implants, which are the locomotive products of the market, grow with an average volume of 150 million dollars every year. Dr. Deniz Işık Ada stated that there are over 150 manufacturers in the market and that the history of the manufacturers should be looked at, not their origin, and continued as follows: “While researching implant brands, it would be wrong to choose according to the place of manufacture, it is necessary to look at the history of the manufacturer. Therefore, it is not correct to say that every implant produced is of good quality, nor to think that it is bad if the implant is produced in Turkey. The quality of the implant is determined by factors such as design, suprastructure diversity, long-term clinical follow-up, and independent scientific studies conducted and published about the system.”

“Implant is a lifetime treatment method with stable oral hygiene”

Işık, who stated that the implant was applied in a short time after it was started in a planned and ready way, conveyed the details of the treatment process with the following words: “After the necessary hygienic conditions are provided before the implant operation, the area is anesthetized by local anesthesia. In this way, the patient does not feel pain during the operation. Although the implant can be used for a lifetime thanks to stable oral care and hygiene, the prostheses may wear out. For this reason, for prostheses that need to be replaced between 5 and 10 years, patients should come for a check-up every 3 months and then every 6 months and take precautions.”

“The most important aspect is the trust in the doctor”

Stating that it may not always be easy or possible for patients to access the aforementioned information, Dr. Deniz Işık Ada drew attention to the selection of the right doctor and clinic. "You should trust your doctor first," said Dr. Deniz Işık Ada said, “The most important issue that a patient should consider while having an implant is whether he/she trusts the doctor. Because the main responsibility in this treatment is not the company that produces the implant, but the doctor who applies it. An experienced doctor always chooses the most suitable implant for the case, minimizing the risks. As Işık Dental Clinics, we use the world's best implant brands in our practices and ensure that our patients have a more aesthetic smile and more permanent treatments.”

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