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The pursuit of a healthy and good life unites women on the FitPery platform!
The pursuit of a healthy and good life unites women on the FitPery platform!

Pointing out that the pursuit of a healthy and good life has become a need and no longer a trend, Fitpery Platform Strategist Mustafa Kösetürk said, “Fitpery creates a free space and time for all women on many issues from sports to motivation, from clothing to organic food for a good Healthy lifestyle.”

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The concept of wellness, healthy and good life, which has started to be heard more often with the pandemic, is gradually increasing its importance. According to a survey conducted by McKinsey, 79% of respondents think that doing activities for wellness and a healthy lifestyle are important. Stating that Good Life has become a philosophy of life especially for women, Fitpery Platform Strategist Mustafa Kösetürk said, “For users who dominate the digital world, it has become a necessity to collect resources related to good life, sports and healthy nutrition on a single platform. Good living platform Fitpery.com offers a digital solution that best meets this need.”

Everything from exercise to organic food to good lifestyle  

Stating that Fitpery.com is a marketplace that brings together users who want to include good life opportunities in their lives with certified trainers for exercises and wellness classes, organic nutrition and sports products, Mustafa Kösetürk said, “With this model, we have implemented it became a first in Turkey. Our aim is to ensure that users who are interested in the healthy lifestyle are active, realize what they can do and have conscious access to good living resources.” Stating that they continue to expand the well-being platform with online exercise classes prepared by expert trainers and rapidly increasing brand collaborations, Kösetürk said, “In addition to exercises such as Pilates, yoga, fitness, and cardio; We enable women to find everything they are looking for on a single platform, such as 100% organic food, with comfortable and functional performance products.”

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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