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3 out of 5 people gained weight during the pandemic; companies started counting calories in food
3 out of 5 people gained weight during the pandemic; companies started counting calories in food

Companies have started initiatives towards healthy eating in accordance with the pandemic measures they have taken as they move back into the office environment. Avrasya Corporate Catering General Manager Mustafa Taptik said, " healthy and delicious dishes make up the food lists of companies. Companies are now trying to develop healthy eating habits by calculating calories." 

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Offices were relocated to houses during the pandemic and the increasingly widespread sedentary life increased the complaints of weight gain. The results of a "Coronavirus outbreak and Community study"conducted by Ipsos revealed that 3 out of every 5 people gained weight in the pandemic. According to the research, the change in eating habits with the maintenance of life from homes was reflected in the weight as more than 3 to 6 kilograms. As jobs begin to move back into offices, the companies are looking to restore healthy eating habits to employees. Mustafa Taptik pointed out that in the new era, food companies are demanding foods rich in protein and minerals, which strengthen immunity but are low in calories. 

There are also strict diet programs

Making a statement on the subject, Mustafa Taptık said, “In the first days when we met with the pandemic, there were concerns about reaching clean and delicious food. With the explanations made by the experts over time, the confusion on this issue disappeared. At this stage, companies aim to restore healthy eating habits to their employees with healthy and delicious meals that support the immune system, reduce calories. There are even companies that prepare very strict diet programs.” Underlining that they closely followed the changes in their eating habits with the orders they received during all the processes of the pandemic period, Mustafa Taptık stated that the change in the demands for healthy nutrition was quite remarkable, and that they updated their menu.

They get service from catering companies they can trust

Stating that they meet the expectations of companies with reduced calorie meals with their experience and expertise of more than 30 years, Mustafa Taptık said, "As Avrasya Corporate Catering, we have reorganized all stages from the preparation of the menus to the determination of weight and calorie calculation. We also meticulously planned the distribution processes of the meals with the hygiene sensitivity brought by the pandemic. "Companies have a very sharp stance on healthy eating. At this point, they prefer to work shoulder to shoulder with catering companies they can trust" 

An important criterion for those who work from home

Stating that healthy nutrition has become an important criterion in the door-to-door catering service received by employees who continue to work from home, Mustafa Taptık said, “Due to the weight they gain while preparing food at home, employees take care to order their meals from companies they can trust. As Avrasya Corporate Catering, we deliver hot and reliable food to those who want to eat healthy with the recipes prepared by our food engineers.

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