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Celebration night from herbal product brand
Celebration night from herbal product brand

Homm Herbal, which produces plant foods, food supplements, herbal cosmetics and cleaning products, held a celebration with its members attended by well-known names of the society, business and art world, as well as social media influencers. Singer Hüner Coşkuner took the stage in the night.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - At the celebration night held in Küçüksu Pavilion overlooking the Bosphorus, the 2022 growth targets of the Homm Herbal brand were announced. Founded by Şeyda Yenigün, a visionary woman entrepreneur with 100% Turkish capital, the brand has been operating in the sector for 13 years. Şeyda Yenigün, the founder of the company and the chairman of the board of directors, said in a statement, “When we entered the network marketing system, we expressed our motto with the words "We will touch everyone's life". Of course, a company that has set out with this motto must make a big difference. We have demonstrated this difference by focusing on our product quality and customer satisfaction. As we continue to grow in Turkey, we will move our system beyond the borders of the country and establish a large network around the world. Our feasibility studies on this subject and our negotiations with many countries continue. We are very excited about this. We are also aware that we have only made our ascent with a collective consciousness and movement. When I look from where we are today, we have become a big family with all our members.”

“We attach importance to women's employment in our brand established with 100% domestic capital”

Stating that they have also received many national-scale documents and certificates, Şeyda Yenigün said, “As Homm Herbal, which has been producing since 2005, we have ISO 9001, Halal Certificate Food, Halal Certificate Cosmetics, ISO 22000, GMP (Good Production Certificate), and Out of Office Sales Authorization. We are a national brand with a certificate. After we started selling with the direct sales system in 2017, we achieved rapid growth. We attach importance to women's employment since the first day in our brand, which was established with 100% domestic capital.”

Subutay Balcı, the general manager of the company, which aims to open up to the world in 2022, said, “The main source of our success is to analyze the dynamics of the market well and to make our communication, growth and sales plans accordingly. However, unlike other direct sales companies operating throughout the country, we are the company that offers the highest profitability rate to its members. In this context, we have become the most preferred company by those who will enter the direct sales system. We have come to these days with our confidence in the quality of our products, our earnings plan and our sales representatives. We will continue to grow with this power and dynamics.”

Contact: Tülay Genç | [email protected] | +31 30 799 6022

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