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It is possible to weaken and purify your body with delicious detox products
It is possible to weaken and purify your body with delicious detox products

Detox programs applied to purify the body from toxic substances and prejudices that diet products are tasteless are slowly disappearing. TheLifeCo Wellbeing Program Coordinator Mirey Yuhay pointed out that products which do not contain additives and preservatives and that have high nutritional values with their natural ingredients should be consumed more: “Detox products with countless alternatives from soups to puddings are both healthy and delicious. Moreover, it can be easily ordered online” 

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The concern for healthy living, which has increased with the pandemic, especially causes the reconsideration of nutritional habits. While the trend towards detox diets that ensure the removal of toxic substances from the body is increasing, the demand for detox products is also increasing. According to a report by 360ResearchReport, the detox products market, whose size reached $42 million in 2020, is expected to increase to $52 million in 2027. Mirey Yuhay, Program Coordinator of TheLifeCo Wellbeing, which is one of the organizations shaping this field with its online store that brings healthy life centers and natural food products to users, said, “Diets that support detox and healthy life and weight loss, increase the intake of antioxidants by increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits, as well as vitamins that the body needs. It includes a nutritional process that aims to get fiber and antioxidants. Reducing the daily calorie intake in this process allows people to lose weight. However, the healthy results of all these depend on the consumption of products that do not contain additives and preservatives, and that have high nutritional values ​​with natural ingredients.

“We help the conscious and healthy implementation of detox diets”

Stating that detox is not only a physical but also a mental purification, Yuhay said, “The stress in our daily life often leads us to foods that will harm our health in the long run, such as sugar, salt, and fried food. When we prefer foods and drinks that help purify both the body and the mind, such as fruit, vegetables, herbal tea, it does not take long to feel the feeling of lightness in every sense. However, the general consensus is that not all of these options can be a satisfying and delicious part of a daily diet. However, there are many healthy and delicious detox products available. It is possible to obtain countless products and food supplements from soups to puddings from TheLifeCo Shop. With Functional Mix, where we produce functional foods, we help detox and purpose-oriented diets to be implemented in a conscious and healthy way.”

Detox soup is the most preferred

Mirey Yuhay also mentioned that the most preferred product in the Functional Mix series is detox soup, “When you think of detox soup, many people think of a tasteless, unsalted vegetable juice. We believe that we have overthrown this prejudice with the detox soup that we have specially developed at our TheLifeCo Bodrum Wellbeing center. De-tox soup, in which we blend 19 purifying vegetables with spices, contains celery, nutritional yeast, broccoli, basil, freeze dry lemon, carrot, cardamom, cumin, curry, leek, onion, chili powder, sweet pepper, allspice, ginger and black pepper. It offers a delicious and nutritious mix with its powders in a single bowl. It is a complete source of biotin with its protein, fiber, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, zinc and folic acid. Moreover, it does not contain animal protein and gluten. It can be consumed as a main or snack by mixing it with 250 ml of hot water. Thus, you can support your diet with practical and satisfying meals without being hungry and with flavor and low-calorie products like never before.

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