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2021-2022 Autumn Winter Fashion Trends
2021-2022 Autumn Winter Fashion Trends

Siri Canberk Varış, a fashion designer and stylist living in Milan, the capital of fashion, said that this year's fall and winter fashion trends will be tassels, sweaters, trench coats, loose trousers and cowboy boots.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Making statements about the autumn-winter fashion trends of the 2021-2022 season, Siri Canberk Varış said, “In these days when we are getting ready to say goodbye to sandals, miniskirts and shorts, which are considered as the uniform of the hot summer days we left behind, we will renew our wardrobes and perhaps adopt a new and different style. History repeated itself in winter fashion trends. In the coming winter fashion, we're going to take a trip back in time when we say tassels, sweaters, trench coats, slacks and cowboy boots. We will often see assertive styles that do not require fashion shows on the streets.”

In the 1970s, trench coats, which are considered one of the most fashionable parts of the season, will again fall into our wardrobes like bombs, “those who make trench coats, which are a key part of the combinations of famous names in the world in their journey from street fashion to fashion shows from yesterday to today, will also carry this magical atmosphere of catwalks to the streets,” he said.

“A stylish look with an assertive style”

Stating that coats will also be a trend this winter, Siri Canberk Varış said, “Oversized coats with a comfortable, shabby, iconic and strong stance of the 1980s will be the signature of people's styles. It will be possible for you to have a warm look on cold winter days and to have a stylish look with your assertive style, thanks to these long coats that wrap around your body and transform them into a brand new style with contemporary and sophisticated touches.”

Explaining that knitwear sets are one of the trend pieces of this year because they offer both comfort and effortless elegance, after tracksuits and comfortable wear have come to the fore in recent years, Siri Canberk Varış said, “Knitwear, which can find a place for itself in almost every piece even in the summer season, is also suitable for itself in the winter season. will continue to find a place” and underlined that the return of knitwear will be permanent.

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