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Altay, which started in the league fast, is also ready to enter in the crypto world
Altay, which started in the league fast, is also ready to enter in the crypto world

Fan tokens, which broke a record by reaching a market value of $ 531 million on August 10, rose again with new projects after a short decline. A new one came from Altay Sports Club for fan token projects that also found an important response in Turkey. The ALTAY TOKEN, developed by cryptocurrency exchange Icrypex, will be available for pre-sale on September 13th.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The total market value of 28 fan tokens available worldwide has exceeded $491 million. Altay Sports Club's ALTAY TOKEN is added to the fan tokens that sports clubs apply to create a new generation interaction and income model with their fans. Developed in cooperation with the crypto exchange ICRYPEX, Altay Token will be available for pre-sale on September 13 at 0.80 TL. In the statement made, it was stated that with the completion of the pre-sale on September 16, the price of ALTAY TOKEN will be 1.00 TL in the public offering that will take place on September 17.

Altay tokens will be burned in each match won / 1 million tokens will be burned if the Championship is held 

Stating that a part of ALTAY TOKEN, an Ethereum-based "Utility Token", will be burned after every success of the club, ICRYPEX CEO Gökalp İçer said, "It takes 25 years for ALTAY TOKEN, which we will pre-sale in September, to reach the total supply. Every year, we will unlock and circulate 2.5 percent of the locked ALTAY TOKEN. During this supply period, we will permanently remove a certain amount of ALTAY TOKEN from circulation after each match won by the club. Thus, we will increase the value of ALTAY TOKEN by reducing the supply. Altay, who made a good start to the league this season, will increase the number of tokens burned as his successes continue. If Altay becomes a champion, we plan to burn 1 million ALTAY TOKENs.”

We believe in the power of our fans and supporters to increase the figure.

Stating that there is an important agreement to carry Altay to the future in a safer way, Altay President Özgür Ekmekçioğlu emphasized that "Big Altay, the most rooted club of Turkish football, which has left 107 years behind, is signing an agreement worthy of its great history" and said, "Since we took office, we have been Our biggest goal in terms of economy is; to create permanent sources of income and thus to carry our club to the future in a safer way. With ALTAY TOKEN, we will create a permanent and important income model for our club in a 25-year period. We believe in the power of our fans and supporters to increase the figure by multiplying.”

Stating that football revenues in our country, as well as in all of Europe, have undergone a great change in the last period due to the pandemic, the President of Altay said, “The Deloitte report, published on January 26, 2021, shows that the total turnover of the 20 largest clubs in Europe increased by 10% during the pandemic period. It shows regression at 12's level. There is also a 600 million Euro decrease in broadcasting revenues. The extraordinary circumstances can create tides among the income items of the clubs. At this point, we, the managers, create tangible, rational and permanent income sources, increase the number of fans, adopt geographical spread as a principle, increase the sense of belonging, focus on sustainable success, increase the brand value, establish organizations that will use digital channels more effectively, develop different collaborations, It needs to be innovative and increase its bargaining power. Beyond all these, club management should also use income opportunities wisely. In this respect, we consider ALTAY TOKEN as an important income opportunity for our club's history. I hope these days will pass with the slowing down of the pandemic and as in the Deloitte report, the phrase "The only disease in this world that will not go down in fever is the passion for football" will again show its reality. Great Altay will always remain as the most important actor of football.”

It will increase interaction between the fans and the club

Gökalp İçer also gave information about the usage areas of Altay Token and said, "ALTAY TOKEN can be used in events where the technical team and athletes and fans can meet, on trips to facilities, in special campaigns such as jersey draws, and in all other areas where the club exists. "With our expertise and experience in the field of blockchain, we will continue to develop Altay, which has a history of 107 years, to take its place in the digital future."

Trading will begin on the 17th of September 

Ezgi İçer, General Manager of ICRYPEX, said that with the end of the pre-sale process, trading on ICRYPEX will begin, "After the completion of the pre-sale process on September 13, on September 16, we will open ALTAY TOKEN for trading on September 17. With the start of the process, our users can choose whatever they want. The tokens purchased at advantageous prices during the pre-sale process will be opened for trading after the 90-day lock period." He ended his speech with these words.

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