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A mysterious journey through the bottomless wells of Istanbul with the key
A mysterious journey through the bottomless wells of Istanbul with the key

Cengiz Çelik's first book, Key(Anahtar), has taken its place on the shelves. The novel, which won the reader's appreciation in a short time, brings a mystical interpretation to the history of Istanbul. Stating that the main characters of the book bear traces of both him and his cousin Halit Ergenç, the author says, “This book is my childhood dream come true. I don't think I can stop writing anymore."

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Deciding to step into writing, Cengiz Çelik met the readers for the first time with his novel, Key(Anahtar), published by Siyah Beyaz Publishing. The author, who worked in the finance sector for many years and now works as a management consultant, brings a mystical interpretation to the history of Istanbul in his work, which he describes as the fulfillment of his childhood dream. Saying that he has always had a deep passion for the invisible faces of events and facts and the mystery behind them since his childhood, Çelik said, "The thing you call mystery has something that adds value to our lives. Solving the mystery destroys our curiosity and passion for discovery. That's exactly why some things are unknown, legendary. he believes it should stay put, and as I present a key(Anahtar) to the reader, I ask, 'Should every lock be opened?'”

The history of Istanbul is like a bottomless pit

Stating that he was inspired by the values that are believed to be underground and still preserve their mystery, as well as the works above ground in Istanbul that have survived to the present day, Cengiz Çelik explains the starting point of the book as follows: “History is like a bottomless pit. Especially the history of Istanbul. From Balat to the Grand Bazaar, from Çemberlitaş to Galata… Different civilizations have lived on these lands for centuries. Today, we come across different groups that came together to reach and seize these values belonging to ancient times. The aim of these groups is to possess old mystical powers and become the ruler of Istanbul and even the world again. Maybe what happens in the tunnels under Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople. This is where the adventure that I accompany the reader on begins.”

The book follows the author and his cousin Halit Ergenc

”I don't think I can stop writing anymore, “said Cengiz Celik; referring to the fact that the main characters of the book bear traces of both him and his cousin Halit Ergenc, he says: "Akin, the main protagonist of the book, is actually an expression of the desire to explore in me since I was a child. He's been waiting so long, he's a very moving character who can't stand still. So much so that sometimes it's not me who leads him, it's him who leads me. Akin reflects me to some extent, as well as the character of the volcano carries traces from my cousin Halit Ergenç, who has been with me since childhood. Of course, it is possible to see these two characters, who somehow do not lose their hands behind each other's backs, after the key(Anahtar). Akin will decide after Key(Anahtar), which has reached an end in itself but also heralds a new beginning.”

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