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mesjopala brings his work “Gel” together with his fans
mesjopala brings his work “Gel” together with his fans

Businessperson Mustafa Palabıyık aka mesjopala, who entered the music market with his works "ölüyorum" and "Unuttum senı" in the past months, continues the preparations for his new piece.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The arrangement of the piece, which will take place on all digital platforms under the name "Gel", was undertaken by Ekrem Düzgünoğlu. Expressing that he fell in love with Turkish, original music and baglama (Saz) as an instrument, Mesjopala stated that after becoming a partner in BPM Music Company, he worked both for his own works and for talented young artists.

The singer first performed the track” unuttum seni". Then, he met his fans of his piece “Ölüyorum”, whose lyrics belong to him and which he expresses as “a reflection of my feelings, experience, sensuality”. mesjopala stated that after this track received more attention than expected in Europe and Turkey, he rolled up his sleeves for the third song without wasting time.

Top of the Music Charts

Mesjopala's second work, "Ölüyorum", was appreciated by both those living in Europe and those who followed him in Turkey. The song went up to the 4th place on Star TV and other music channels. Stating that this situation gives more excitement for the 3rd song, mesjopala said, "I hope that my piece "Gel" is pleases my audience and gets more likes from my fans." Mesjopala said in a statement about his beginnings in music, “Since my childhood, I have been writing lyrics and singing songs by myself. In order to achieve my dream, I became a partner of BPM Music with my friends Mehmet Yılmaz and Ekrem Düzgünoğlu and we decided to grow the company together. "I was a singer who hummed all the time when I was alone, and I decided to compose songs on my own."

“My songs are the reflection of my personality”

Regarding Mesjopala's temperament and structure, he said, “I have a serious stance in terms of structure and temperament, maybe because of my businessperson identity. However, my close circle and friends know me very well and always say that I have a very good heart. I think that my nature, temperament and thought process are reflected on my words and music. In a sense, my songs are a reflection of my personality. If I wanted to write a book as a reflection of all my songs, my life, my work identity, I think I would name it 'My Dreams, Principles, Ideals'.

Inspiration behind the Song 'Gel' 

Mesjopala, who frequently travels to various countries due to his businessperson profile as well as his singer identity and shares the places he has visited on his social media account, described his new song as "It is a song that we are worked on hard, the lyrics belong to my friend Mehmet Yılmaz".  Mesjopala, who stated that the song was composed especially in quiet, calm and alone environments, said that the feeling of being a foreigner abroad in Germany had its effect.

Being a Singer and Businesperson in Germany

Today, close to 7 million Turks live in Europe and close to 3 million Turks in Germany. Explaining that the Turks, who have come to important positions in their regions over time, have a large population and that Germany is one of the important centers in this regard, mesjopala said in his statement, “Actually, we are used to Germany now and we do not feel like foreigns because there are so many Turks. In the company I already own, all of the employees are Turkish. We form a bridge between Turkey and Germany. We are in the glassware and beverage industry. We sell products produced in Turkey, China and different regions of the world in Germany. At the same time, we are the European distributor of Arzum brand, which is one of the biggest brands in Turkey. It is an honor to be here as a Turk, we try to represent our country in the best possible manner.  We also contribute to our homeland by selling the products we bring from Turkey here.”

“I Think Traveling Have an effect on Music”

Mesjopala, who says that he constantly visits Australia, America, China, Dubai, Africa and all the countries of the world for business reasons, also regularly visits his hometown Gaziantep. He stated that the countless places he visited and the unique beauties of Turkey were also an effective element in his songs and compositions.

The Music Market Had a Difficult Process During the Corona Period

Many singers and thousands of live music artists had a hard time due to the cancellation of concerts and the restriction of venues due to the Covid-19 pandemic. BPM Music, of which mesjopala is a partner, made a decision to open its second branch in Germany for the situation in question on behalf of Turks living both in Turkey and in Germany. Mesjopala stated that with this decision, they want to support all young people who are interested in rap music and come to the fore with their talents, and that the branch establishment procedures are still being made.

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