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The Era Of Portable Houses Began. These Houses Can Go Anywhere!
The Era Of Portable Houses Began. These Houses Can Go Anywhere!

The minimalist lifestyle increasingly adopted in the pandemic has driven demand for concepts such as tiny house, which offers villa comfort within nature. “With Bill Gates ' cabin in the woods and Elon Musk's prefabricated house, life in small square feet is transforming into a permanent train,” said Abdullah Cakmanus, co-founder of Tiny House turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - With the increase in urbanization rate, 60 percent of the world's population, that is, 5 billion people, are projected to live in cities by 2030. Experts note that the desire for life intertwined with nature triggered by the pandemic may reverse this trend. The reflection of this orientation in architecture highlights concepts such as huts, prefabricated houses, portable houses. To the extent that hosts all of the fields that make up minimalist home according to your needs, with a design that adapts to nature outside of the city, accommodation options, that can create the concept tiny house growing demand for households who cakmanus a founding partner of the House of Abdullah, “a cabin in the woods Bill Gates and Elon Musk 35 square meters of prefab living in small areas from the agenda of the house in the nature, lasting a train turns into. Tiny house offers a minimalist accommodation solution in the comfort of a villa for those who want to live freely in nature in a way that does not threaten the habitats of other creatures in nature,” he said. 

Decoupling The Cost Of Land

Çakmanus, who said that they offer villa comfort with the concept of tiny house in the face of Housing and land prices that have increased in recent years in the construction sector, said: “We are positioned as one of the pioneers of the concept of tiny house with our Hane house brand within a group of companies that aim to create lasting values for Turkey and the world with more than 30 brands in different decks. With this concept, we offer investors a simplified villa life that they can own without having to spend millions of pounds. Starting from 5 meters and extending to 8 meters, we bring together different architectural designs with investors. We prioritize functionality while offering the comfort sought in a villa with all our projects. This concept significantly reduces the cost of land, as it can be implemented on Deconstructed land. Because it is portable and produced in accordance with the road regulations, it can also be used on zoned land. Using the highest quality products, we offer a combination of quality and elegance in European standards,” he said Dec. 

One seedling for each project

“Life sadelestir" tiny house projects are developed with a motto of only the fields needed to be moved to any desired place with the wheels allowing the host and is driven by demand cakmanus Abdullah who said that, “for all kinds of projects of this type can be used in all climates and geographies produced in accordance with the natural conditions. Moreover, we eliminate the long-term waiting period of investors by delivering in as little as 2 months. We also secure investments with our 2-year guarantee. At the same time, while developing our projects, we present a seedling to nature for a sustainable future,” he said.

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