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41 percent of consumers started supporting local businesses in the pandemic
41 percent of consumers started supporting local businesses in the pandemic

According to the “Consumer after Freshworks COVID-19” report reviewed by Omtera, a domestic IT company, 41% of consumers worldwide began supporting local businesses during the pandemic. A broad 94% said they would continue this trend after the pandemic. “Freshworks ' data shows that no matter what scale it is, the success of a business in digital transformation is due to the quality of the experience it offers to its customers in digital, rather than moving business processes to Digital,” said Murat Yilmaz, co-founder of Omtera Informatics.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In the pandemic process, consumer preferences will be decisive for the new norm of customer service, which businesses quickly digitize. 10 thousand 500 global solution partner made with the participation of the consumer across the globe Freshworks "COVID-19 post-consumer” report that describes omtera viewing domestic IT companies according to the data, including customer service in the beginning, changing the behavior of consumers will shape the future of the industry. According to the report, digital improvements made by small and local businesses in customer service outpaced large companies by 50%. 48% of consumers said small businesses improved customer service during the pandemic by starting to offer online ordering, delivery service and a better level of personalization. One in three consumers agreed that advanced internet sites and chatbots are the digital innovations they find most useful in local businesses. This table is the main justification for 41% of consumers to start supporting local businesses during the pandemic, while a wide audience of 94% is expected to continue this support after the pandemic.

Consumer fed up with pandemic's excuse for poor service 

Freshworks ' research has also shed light on the reasons for this shift in consumer behavior. According to the study, although consumers were savvy about businesses facing problems in the pandemic, 27% of consumers said they were tired of the covid-19 excuse for poor customer service. Over the same period, only 29% of global consumers thought big businesses were better at customer service, while 71% said big businesses remained the same or got worse during the pandemic. One in four consumers said that their customer representatives were very kind in their shopping experience during the pandemic. Looking at the kindest countries, India came first with 42%. It was followed by Brazil with 39%, Singapore with 27% and the United States with 26%. 

"Those who please their customers in Fiji will be the leader”

One of the highlights of the report is that consumers ' orientation to local businesses will continue. According to Freshworks data, 41% of consumers after the pandemic for domestic and international travel, 31% said they would prioritize local businesses in restaurants and bars, and 30% in the exchange of clothes and accessories. Girish Mathrubootham, Founder and CEO of Freshworks, said: “digital interaction is not enough alone, it is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. We see that as companies overcome the challenges of the pandemic, customers are tolerant, but their patience is also slowly running out. They even have higher expectations than ever.  Our research reveals that customers expect superior experiences from companies, regardless of their size, and that local businesses get great advantages with faster, more personal service powered by digital technology. In the post-pandemic economic boom, we anticipate that companies that satisfy their customers on both physical and digital channels will take the lead. This, in turn, marks a major shift in the global economy,” he said. 

"The data revealed by Freshworks, which we are a solution partner, shows that the success of a business in its digital transformation, no matter what scale, is not through moving processes to digital media, but through the quality of the experience it offers to its customers. As Omtera, our main goal is to improve the digital experiences of both company employees and customers in order to increase the productivity of companies. In this context, we combine the best solutions in the field, such as Freshworks, with all the benefits of the SaaS business model and cloud environment and accompany the companies ' digital transformation journey.”

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