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Home delivery victim service will help prevent the intensity of cuts in areas
Home delivery victim service will help prevent the intensity of cuts in areas

"Those who want to eliminate the risk of transmission are showing great interest in home delivery victim service while the COVID-19 epidemic continues its effect with new variants," said Sait Uluçay, general manager of Danet, who said that citizens prefer home delivery victim service so that the intensity that may occur in slaughter areas and animal Sundays at Eid Eid does not have negative consequences.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Danet General Manager Sait Uluçay, who said that they have delivered to more than 23 thousand people so far with the home delivery sacrifice service, which has been maintained for 16 years, said: "every year we receive more and more requests related to our home delivery sacrifice service. In this increase, the tendency to stay away from crowded environments with the covid-19 outbreak has a large share. Both in animal Sundays and slaughter areas, there is a risk of contact, as well as the appointment system applied here and the obligation to comply with the strict measures taken. Citizens also want to perform their worship in a non-contact and effortless way. In the second Eid al-Adha, which we will enter in the shadow of the epidemic, we continue our work and strive to meet the demands," he said. 

"Everything from sacrificial selection to delivery is meticulously planned"

Sait Uluçay, who said that they have completed their preparations to serve with a large team before Eid al-Adha, said: "large and small animals carrying sacrificial qualities are supplied by Danet's experienced team. In our modern facilities in Afyonkarahisar, which are halal certified and have TSE COVID-19 safe Production Certificate, our sacrifices are stopped by proxy on behalf of the owner of the sacrifice under the supervision of a veterinarian, food engineer and notary public on the first day of Eid. After the meat is rested for a while in the cold storage, it is distributed from each area of the victim in such a way that all shareholders are given an equal share. In the final stage, the sacrificial meat is packaged in special packaging. To feast on the flesh of the victims ovine 2. Day 3 of bovine flesh of their victims. and 4. we deliver to addresses by special closed vehicles on the day, " he said.

"We manage the entire process with great precision"

Stating that they follow all stages of Home Delivery sacrifice service with great care, Danet General Manager said: "within the scope of our home delivery sacrifice service, we help citizens to perform this worship fully within the framework of religious rules. The meat of the victim, slaughtered in the name of the person, is not mixed with the meat of different victims. If more meat comes out of the sacrifices than we have committed, we never transfer it to another place, we send it to the owner. Because the importance is given to the distribution of these meats during the Eid, the delivery is made on the day committed in Eid," he said.

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