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Businessperson in London whose origins are from Ankara decided to Invest in Izmir
Businessperson in London whose origins are from Ankara decided to Invest in Izmir

Businessperson whose origins are from Ankara, Serap Dogan , founder of Seralife, one of the UK's well-known brands, announced that he will open a branch in Izmir.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Serap Doğan, who continues her activities in the capital of England, London and operates in the field of health and beauty, especially in the textile and cosmetics sector, announced that she has decided to shift his investments to Turkey and that he will open a branch in İzmir by the first half of 2022. Stating that they are planning an investment of 300 thousand Euros in the first stage, Doğan said, “We want to use what we have earned abroad in our homeland. We see this as a civic duty. We don't just look at it from an economic perspective. With this investment, we will contribute a little to our country we were raised in. We will not be able to provide much employment opportunities in our first branch, which we will open in İzmir, but we think that we can create employment opportunities for at least 500 people when we expand to different districts and cities.”

“We are also setting an example for foreign investors”

Young entrepreneur Serap Doğan said that the investment activities of our compatriots in England attracted the attention of the investors there as well: “The investments we will make here attract the attention not only of our compatriots, but also of foreign investors. Since we will provide services in the field of health and beauty in the branch we will open in Turkey, we will also procure some products from different companies.” she explained. Stating that they are also excited by attracting foreign investors to Turkey, Doğan said, “In the negotiations we have already held for these products, we have seen how excited foreign investors are because they will be exporting products to Turkey. This made us very proud as a Turk.”

"I trusted my products” 

Young Turkish entrepreneur Serap Doğan is well-known due to Seralife, the cosmetics brand she created. She continued his adventure of making his brand star in this field: “When I founded the brand, I was very confident in my products. But I had to get everyone to believe in it. It was not easy to achieve this. I did almost all of my effective and high-quality advertising work on social media.” Doğan said, “This way, it made it easier for people to reach my brand and for me to reach my target audience. We achieved a high recognition rate in a short time. I want to convey our recognition there to İzmir, the pearl of our country. This will be the investment i’m most proud of.”

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